Prosperity Group Funeral Policy from Assupol

Our funeral cover, uniquely insures individuals over 65 years of age, over 75 and even up to and over 80. Premiums are calculated and differ per age group. Continue reading to find out mo about prosperity group funeral policy.

Prosperity group funeral policy  – Benefits

Prosperity Group Funeral PolicyThe Prosperity funeral plan’s name is Excellence family plan. The family consists of the main member, their partner, their children, parents and parent-in-law. It also includes any extended family members who depend on the main member financially. The cover is provided as a cash pay-out on the passing of a member. One can also request the Cash Back benefit at an additional monthly premium. The plan includes other benefits on an on-call basis.  The benefits are as a guarantee for hospital admission, financial advice on the passing of the main member. Also tutoring arrangement for any children dependents.

Prosperity group funeral policy – Lump sum cash payout

The accidental death of any or all insured members qualifies for a lump sum cash payout. This funeral plan also includes repatriation of mortal remains within the borders of South African. Another great benefit on Prosperity life’s funeral plan is the Family Income benefit. With this benefit, the family of the deceased primary member is paid out an amount equivalent to a 10th of the main member’s funeral benefit. Prosperity Life also has some products geared for protection against sudden events like sudden critical illness, death or disability.

These are the Progress Legacy, Progress accident and Progress 4 sure plans. The Progress Legacy protects against risk; premiums increase with each event added, one, therefore, has to consider what their specific needs are.  Premiums may increase to as high as an additional 20% of annual premium contribution. The Accidental progress plan ensures against sudden physical inability or sudden death by accident, while 4sure covers disability and dread diseases. Prosperity Life Insurance also has an additional range called the Zimele product range which targets the very low-income market individuals, which stays close to the heart of its founders.

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