Old Mutual Funeral Policy Including Accidental Death

Losing a loved one is never an easy thing to deal with.  There is a massive emotional strain when you lose a loved one. We believe you should not worry about if the funeral policy will payout in those tough times. Old Mutual has kept this promise to all their clients.  They pay out R 1 million every hour in funeral claims over the period of the past year. With an Old Mutual funeral plan, we guarantee that we will pay your funeral policy. As per agreements in the funeral policy. Find out which plans we have that has a funeral policy including accidental death.

Different Plans – Funeral policy including accidental death

Funeral Policy Including Accidental Death

There are three plans under the Old Mutual funeral policy.  The plans are as follows, Care Plan, the Standard Plus Plan and the Comprehensive + plan.  One can choose which plan best fits in with their requirements. The entry level plan is the Care Plan. With a monthly premium of R 31 and maximum cover up to R 50,000. There is a money back guarantee if death occurs within the first six months of when the policy began. One can miss up to six premiums, and the policy will remain active.

You can also add the benefits of the Old Mutual More4U program.  This includes support with issues such as health and well-being for the family, Trauma assault and HIV support for the client and family members on the plan.  Assistance with funerals of loved ones, education work for the children, a medical response in emergencies, a legal hotline to give advice when required as well as financial wellness advice and support.  All the benefits of More4U are available over the telephone.

Standard Plus Plan – Funeral policy including accidental death

After the Care Plan is the Standard Plus plan with a monthly premium of R 42 and a maximum benefit cover of R 70,000.00.  It includes all the benefits under the Care Plan and Cash back the benefit of the last two months premiums after a period of 36 months.  There is also a terminal illness benefit.  If doctors diagnose you with a terminal illness and your death occurs within 12 months. This will include all More4u benefits.

Comprehensive + plan – Funeral policy including accidental death

The final plan is the Comprehensive + plan. The premium here is R 46 per month.  All benefits included in the previous two plans are included as well as “Double accident cover” which is double the cover being paid out on the death due to an accident.  “Paid up benefit” is included for those surviving beneficiaries provided death is not accidental, or disability occur.  Retirement benefit also ensures cover continues after policyholder turns 65  although premiums are no longer due. New extra benefits on the Standard and Comprehensive + plans include 12 months groceries payments, 12 months education payments for surviving dependents and 10 percent extra benefit at no extra cost.

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