Nehawu Funeral Benefits Explained

At Nehawu we realise that when you lose someone, it can have a financial and emotional toll on you. There is also the funeral to pay for and plan.  To cater for this, Nehawu has made several different funeral benefit plans which we will explain below. There is the “Nehawu immediate Dependants Funeral benefit plan”.  This plan has a premium of R 65.95 per month. Let us take a further look to see what nehawu funeral benefits can offer you.

Payouts and Premiums – Nehawu funeral benefits

Nehawu Funeral BenefitsFor this monthly premium, we cover the policyholder and spouse for a payout of R 14,000.00 on death. While we cover children up to R 8,500.00 depending on the age of the deceased child. This single premium will ensure the whole family. It will be affordable and will include repatriation expenses and legal advice that you may require.

PLUS Plan top up – Nehawu funeral benefits

You can top up your benefits with the “Xtra cover funeral benefit for Nehawu immediate benefits” plan. You can increase the benefit by R 6 000 for the principal member and spouse. Or you can increase it with R2 500 for any children on the PLUS plan.

Max Plan top up – Nehawu funeral benefits

While on the MAX plan you can increase it by R 12 000 for the principal member and the spouse. As well as R 6 500 for any children on the MAX plan.

Super Max Plan top up – Nehawu Funeral Benefits

You can increase the benefit by R 20000 for the principle member and the spouse on the SUPER MAX plan. You can do the same for any children on the plan for an additional R 10 000.

Extended cover

There is also “Extended cover” plan for extended family members.  For a premium starting at R 25.95, you can add extended family members to be part of your policy as well, because Nehawu realises that sometimes clients are responsible for taking care of cousins as well as aunts, uncles, parents and in-laws outside of their immediate family circle. For extra funeral benefits, there is the Value Plan for Nehawu members which are split into Value Added VAP-IMM and Value Added VAP-EXT.

We can add up to 4 additional family members, for an extra premium of R69.95. Also, we can add Five to eight additional family members for R 129.95 to the policy. The benefits that we will extend to the other members when they pass away are as follows:

  • R250 airtime
  • Three days of car rental from Avis
  • R 1500 worth of butchery vouchers from any butchery you choose.
  • R 500 worth of vegetables from either Shoprite or Checkers

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