Comprehensive Plus Plan from Old Mutual

It’s always heartbreaking to lose a loved one. And while you are mourning, you should be able to focus on your grief and fond memories, rather than worry about paying for the funeral or not being able to claim from a policy. That is why you should consider getting a Comprehensive Plus Plan from Old Mutual.

There are often in life where it is impossible to keep promises; and, often, we let people down. Significantly, Old Mutual is dedicated to keeping its promises – it has paid out nearly R1 000 000 worth of claims, every hour, over the past year.

Old Mutual’s Funeral Plan promises to pay claims that are valid as soon as it possibly can. In this way, Old Mutual helps its customers to have that necessary space to grieve, as well as bury family members with dignity.

Where the Comprehensive Plus Plan Fits In

Old Mutual has a whole range of Funeral Plans, including the Care Plan, the Standard Plan and the Comprehensive+ Plan. With these plans, you have the option of taking out the cover for yourself, your children, your partner/spouse, and even your parents, in-laws, and other extended family members.
On the Single Adult Family plan, single parents can just pay for cover for themselves and their children, without having to waste money on a spouse that is not present.

Essentially, all of Old Mutual’s plans enable you to select the cover that suits you individually. What’s more, the greater cover you choose, the lower the cost. There are also other added benefits available on the Standard Plans and the Comprehensive+ plan, such as the Terminal Illness Benefit and a cashback benefit, which is accessible after 36 instalments have been paid.

Comprehensive Plus Plan from Old Mutual

Benefits of the Comprehensive Plus Plan

Education – In this benefit, if you die, your beneficiary will receive 12 monthly payments which can be put towards education.

Groceries – In this benefit, if you die, your beneficiary will receive 12 monthly payments for groceries.

More cover – In this benefit, you get an extra 10% of cover for the same price, when you purchase a Comprehensive+ Plan with at least R50 000 cover.

The Comprehensive+ Plan includes many life-changing benefits:

Monthly premium – R39.00/month

Maximum cover – R70 000.00

Accidental death cover – included

Double accidental death cover – included

Money-back guarantee – yes

Premium holiday – yes

Restart benefit – yes

Paid-up benefit – yes

Cash back – yes

Retirement paid-up benefit – yes

More Comprehensive Plus Plan Benefits

Comprehensive Plus Plan clients have the added benefit of More4U, which are little add-ons to your funeral plan that you receive, for free! More4U is a helping hand when you need it most, providing help, support, and treatment, when needed, for you and your family.

The More4U benefit includes health and wellbeing support; assistance with trauma, assaults, and HIV-related issues; help to organise the funeral; help with issues concerning education; medical response in an emergency; and advice and assistance in developing financial and legal wellness. For example, More4Uprovides credit coaches who teach you how to manage your money and enhance your credit status.

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