Full Funeral Package in South Africa

People are starting to realise that funeral cover is a worthwhile investment. No matter how well you budget, hidden costs will eventually start to pile up for the cost of a funeral. So you might want to consider a full funeral package.

Why funeral cover is worth it – Full Funeral Package

full funeral packageSome people sign up for funeral cover so that their family doesn’t have to carry the financial burden. There is a lot of different funeral packages that you can choose from. Although you have to keep in mind that the package you will take will determine your premiums. Different funeral homes also have different funeral type offerings that follow or respect cultural customs. Typically a cremation costs less than a burial.

Funerals can get expensive

The funeral cost in the UK average around the equivalent of R50000, the figure is approximately R90, 000. These costs in South Africa start around R7500 for a modest funeral and average at about R12, 000, this is all dependent on the requirements of the insured deceased individual. Doves is a funeral service provider that offers varied funeral package options to suit South Africans from different walks of life.

Available packages – Full Funeral Package

The cover can start from R 5000 to as high as R 50 000.  Although this is not the limit, for they add innovative and new products regularly. The current five packages on offer are; The Doves Funeral Plan; The Doves Funeral Policy; Doves All Nations; The Doves Life Plan; Doves All Nations Plus +.The Doves Funeral Policy starts from a small premium of R25. A new plan that they’ve added is the Doves Funeral Service Plan, which costs R100 in premiums, covers for R5000 which is a cash pay-out, covers a casket worth up to R15, 000, transport is also provided as are refreshments, 2 rental cars for the family and funeral proceeding programmes and the death registration.

Other Funeral service homes are Martins and Avbob. However, there are a lot of other funeral service providers giving worthwhile service in South Africa; One has to do their research to find the provider and package that best suits their needs. When Funeral homes showcase their product offerings, they usually point out what the client would get to each package at the premium they pay. All the products and services per package type are outlined so that the consumers can compare apples with apples. Packages termed as Full packages, frequently tend to be the more expensive options with that insurer or funeral house. These packages also tend to be comprehensive. Therefore they cater for every aspect of the funeral as well as aspects surrounding the passing of an individual.

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