FNB Bank Funeral Plans for South Africans

It is understandable if you do not want to think, much less talk, about you or someone you love passing away. Here we will have a look at FNB bank funeral plans.

The unfortunate reality is that we will all face it at some point in our lives.

Even if you have never lost someone dear to you, the odds are that you have attended a funeral at some point.

Although funerals are about the individual that passed away, it rests on the shoulders of those that are still alive.

FNB Bank Funeral PlansSo the family and friends that plan the funeral are the ones left with the weight of responsibility.

There is also a diversity of funeral organisers that are available to help to assist you.

Their service does not include any free of charge support, though.



FNB Bank Funeral Plans – A funeral requires funds for:

  • Preparing the body for –
    • Travel, to another town, city or even country;
    • Burial service.
  • Moving the body from –
    • Hospital to funeral home;
    • Funeral home to the burial site.
  • The casket.
  • Clothing the dead for service.
  • Printing of the funeral programs.
  • Hearse and other vehicles for transporting the family to the service and graveyard.
  • Burial service –
    • Setting up tables, chairs and gazebo;
    • Implements needed in moving casket and lowering it into the ground;
    • Wreath, flowers, petals, carpets and any other décor;
    • Funeral programs.


So investing in a funeral plan is an asset that will assist you and those you may leave behind.


FNB also provides a plan that covers the expenses required for the burial process.

FNB Bank Funeral Plans – Their funeral policy includes:

  • Additional worth
    • Dual assistance in your unintentional passing or assistance for your spouse
  • Hassle-free
    • No need for examinations or any other personal questionings
  • Comprehensive coverage
    • 21 individuals from your family can be covered on one policy
  • Lifetime insured
    • Every single policy participant has lifetime cover, as long as monthly instalments are kept up to date
  • Speedydisbursement
    • Due to FNB retrieving the certificate of death, for you, at Home Affairs, they can process and disburse the claim in less than two days


The process in which you can claim:

  • Filled in request statement,
  • Verified photocopy of requesting individual or recipient’s Identification Document, and
  • Also a verified photocopy of the statement of death (BI1663).


Their stipulations contain the following:

  • You have coverage straight away for any death due to an accident.
  • Natural causes of dying do not have coverage for first six months.
  • Self-inflicted death will not have coverage for the first two years.
  • No financial coverage for death due to drunken driving or drug dependence.
  • Also, ending the agreement and instalment’s reimbursement can take place from original date it was signed and twenty-nine days after that.
  • Coverage will be discontinued if the monthly payments are not kept up to date, as agreed.


The qualifications that you need to meet:

  • Inhabitant of South Africa with legal identification document(s) that correlate with country’s requirements,
  • Primary applicant should not be younger than eighteen or older than sixty-four years of age, and
  • Be the owner of a lawful account at a bank.


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All info was correct at time of publishing