FNB Funeral Insurance Options

FNB funeral insurance plays a leading role in easing or eliminating the expenses involved with funerals.

If you have lost a loved one, you don’t need anyone to tell you how costly a decent farewell can be.

That is why some insurance firms have come up with funeral policies for the South African market.

Most of them will have a range of products you can choose from depending on your budget and family situation. Some offer some extra benefits over and above the lump sum paid out to cater for funeral costs.

FNB Funeral Insurance OptionsFNB funeral insurance options

First National Bank, or FNB for short, has recently expanded its portfolio to include funeral insurance.

FNB have used their extensive knowledge of the market as one of South Africa’s leading commercial banks. They have come up with a collection of attractive funeral policies to suit different needs.

You don’t have to be an account holder with the bank to take advantage of these funeral plans.

FNB offers South Africans R10,000 cover for as little as R48 per month. This product is a basic funeral plan that protects only the policy holder, though.

If you have a spouse and children to think about, extend your cover in the following ways –

  • Add R18 to your monthly premium to get cover for your spouse alone.  You can cover the funeral costs of your wife or husband for the same amount as you (R10,000).
  • If you want to extend the cover to your children, it’s straightforward and inexpensive. Only pay an additional R6.30 for each child and so cover them an equal amount.
  • FNB funeral cover caters for members of your extended family including your parents or in-laws provided they are above 74 years. In a case of the death of one of them, your family will be entitled to a payout of up to R15,000.

Double accident benefit

Like other policies, in the event of accidental death, FNB will pay out the sum immediately even if the waiting period has not elapsed.

You can get double the payout in case any of your loved ones under the policy dies by accidental death if you are willing to top up on your premium.

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