About Fourways Memorial Park

When a loved one dies, you want the best for them. Even though you know they won’t be aware of anything anymore, you want them to be around beauty. It is the idea behind the Fourways Memorial Park, Johannesburg. With this peaceful, attractive Memorial Park you can rest assured your loved one will be in an idyllic resting place. If you’re interested in funeral cover, they provide a funeral cover form on their website.

Fourways Memorial Park Fourways

Fourways Memorial ParkMemorial Park has endeavored to provide a warmer, more inviting place that will put you at ease. The Park has been designed to incorporate certain aspects of American- and Australian funeral homes. Also, these have been adapted to meet the unique requirements of South Africans. Some of the facilities they offer are –

  • A chapel – a  tree-lined avenue leads up to the chapel. The chapel is beautiful – stone and thatch with slate floors and wooden benches. There are a piano and organ available as well as an overhead projector and  PA system. You just need to arrange for this at the Administration Office.
  • Catering facilities
  • Lapa facilities for refreshments – this is a perfect gathering place for get-togethers after a memorial service. The lapa area has a large paved area which will cater easily for about 300 people. The lapa is also available for hire by the general public.
  • Burial and cremation options – for burials there are different sections –
    – General Memorial – traditional graves where you can place a full stone. Can provide three burials.
    – there are sections for different religious and cultural groups
    – family estates – 2, 4, 6 and eight grave family estates
    – child section – for children five years and younger
  • Scattering of ashes – there is a rose garden next to the chapel which is available for the scattering of ashes. If you want something more permanent, a remembrance plaque go on the chapel wall. The Angel Garden also allows for the interment of ashes, and a plaque can also go on the angel garden. There are also tree memorials.
  • Safe cemetery grounds – night guards, surveillance, electric fencing, perimeter wall and armed response

Invest in a Beautiful Resting Place

Modern cemeteries of today such as Fourways Memorial Park are inviting places of beauty and tranquillity. They’ve also got lots of facilities and gardens. Their park-like environments encourage people to stroll around and actually to linger. No longer like the cold, unattractive, unfeeling cemeteries of the past, Fourways Memorial Park is like a ‘living’ cemetery because it entices people to return to enjoy a tranquil, happy experience.

Once a flower farm, the van der Merwe family decided to develop the fame into a private memorial park. So today it is a safe sanctuary where memories are and where you can visit those who died, feeling safe and content in the tranquil surroundings.


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All info was correct at time of publishing