Funeral Policy Claim from Old Mutual

The last thing you want to think of, in the passing away of a loved one, is making any financial claim. Here we will have a look at a funeral policy claim.

It might seem wrong to think of anything relating to money.

You are mourning and are still digesting the loss.

A funeral, however, has to be planned, during the days that follow the passing.

Maybe the deceased had a funeral policy, which was set in place for this exact moment.

Funeral Policy ClaimIf you submit the needed documentation for a claim, it will be a great financial assistance in all the costs involving the facilitation of the burial.

Also, knowing what you expect, in the event of needing to submit a claim, can simplify the process greatly.

It will save you time, energy and unnecessary stress, during an already traumatic period.

In the case of you claiming from an Old Mutual Funeral Plan, the claim process will consist of the following three steps:

  1. Inform the official establishment – Home Affairs – about the passing
  2. Collect the mandatory documentation papers and thoroughly fill them in
  3. Submit the completed documentation to the company – Old Mutual – fax or email


So each of these three steps entails a few more details that will assist you in submitting a thorough claim.


Inform the official establishment about the passing – Funeral Policy Claim

  • In the event of death, there is a responsibility to inform the official authorities.
  • Make sure that the passing has been stated; otherwise, you have to make the statement yourself.
  • It should be at your nearest Home Affairs office, which will provide you with the certificate that confirms the death.

Collect the mandatory documentation to fill in – Funeral Policy Claim

  • Make sure that you obtain the correct documentation for your specified claim.
  • The list of documentation, which you need to collect by your claim, includes:
    • A form from Old Mutual that is necessary for completion in the event of claiming for death;
    • A verified photocopy of the certificate that provides needed confirmation of the death;
    • Photocopies of the official identification papers – of the loved one that has passed away, as well as the recipient(s) of the funeral plan’s payout;
    • Recipient(s) bank account particulars or that of the property – with the printed date (that does not exceed a three month period), signature and marked by the bank’s stamp;
    • Death statement (DHA 1663).
  • There are two other documents as well, relating to the cause of passing, retiring and funding that are for maintenance.
  • Inform the company as soon as possible in the event of a loved one’s passing.
  • Keep your personal details up to date, to prevent delays.


Submit the completed documentation

  • Submit all of your completed papers to Old Mutual.
  • The company will inform you if they require any extra information.


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