Regulations for Cremation in Gauteng

There are always questions surrounding funerals. When it comes to burials and cremations, some people have difficulty with knowing which way to go. The city of Johannesburg is going to need much more burial ground in the next 50 years – ground which it doesn’t have. People of Gauteng must, therefore, explore other options, one of these being cremations. Cremation is the normal method of disposing of a body at death for many cultural groups, while for others such as the Orthodox Jews and Muslims, forbids it. Here we will look at cremation in Gauteng.

Cremations Require the Proper Go-Ahead –¬†Cremation in Gauteng

Cremation in GautengCremation is the process where they burn at extreme heat for up to 2 hours or longer. The body then goes to its basic elements – ash or dust. Then a mechanical process makes these fragments smaller. A medical referee from the crematorium gives the authority for the cremation. A cremation can’t take place without this person’s authority. This person must know that –

  • the deceased has been identified
  • that they know the cause of death
  • the dead person gave approval for cremation



If this medical person declines to authorise cremation, a private autopsy becomes necessary.

The person doing the cremation must submit the completed application for approval before 15:00 the day before the cremation. The application must be accompanied by certain cremation forms as well as the death certificate. The document also has to state that cremation was the person’s method of disposal.

Cremation can only take place in a crematorium. No cremations take place over weekends and public holidays. Some other regulations that apply –

  • After cremation, the ashes goes to the person who applied for cremation if they so desire
  • ashes may go in the columbarium
  • a person can erect some form of memorial work in a crematorium in remembrance of the deceased. Memorial work in the garden of remembrance must be of marble or granite for instance and conform with certain measurements
  • only one cremation at a time. It is illegal to cremate two people at once unless they were a mother and baby or twins. Most modern cremation chambers don’t have the equipment to handle more than one adult.


Cremation isn’t for the Unidentified – Cremation in Gauteng

There is a host of regulations surrounding the disposal of a body, and each provincial government has Crematoria Act.¬†Cremation isn’t permitted for people who are unidentified.

With cremation, the workers prepare the body for the procedure. Johannesburg has three crematoria – Brixton, Lenasia and Braamfontein.


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