About Johannesburg City Parks Funeral Regulations

Nobody can just appoint themselves as a funeral undertaker in South Africa as there are certain regulations relating to this kind of premises. These premises are used for the preparation of corpses, and they, therefore, need to be adequately lit and ventilated. Here we will have a look at Johannesburg City Parks funeral regulations.

Johannesburg City Parks Funeral Regulations

Johannesburg City Parks Funeral RegulationsThe funeral undertaker will also need to have a certificate of competence to prepare a corpse which will include embalming. The premises have to be –

  • rodent-proof
  • run in such a way that they don’t present themselves as a nuisance. If they do, the persons complaining can issue a written order to stop all activities.
  • approved by the medical officer of health and a health inspector to ensure that the premises comply with all requirements as laid out in the regulations. The premises need to be suitable for the preparation of a corpse. The premises can’t be offensive to anyone in the immediate area.
  • the holder of the certificate needs to inform the issuing authority in writing if there are any changes in the particulars of the funeral directors business. The premises have to at all time not be hazardous to anyone’s health.
  • a loading area which is properly paved and disinfected after each loading of a corpse. Corpses have to be transported in sealed, waterproof bags.
  • workers must have gum boots, linen overcoats, face masks and gloves


More Johannesburg City Parks Funeral Regulations

There is a host of complex regulations for cremations and exhumations. Johannesburg has three crematoria. These are at Brixton, Braamfontein and Lenasia cemeteries. Modern crematoria heat the remains to between 700 and 1 000°Celsius. There are quite a few regulations surrounding cremation and burial. That is why it can be a wise choice to allow a reputable funeral director to handle all the legal documentation aspect for you.

More recently funeral parlour is taking on the Department of Home Affairs. Also, the reason for this is that they say that the regulations governing the industry are confusing. They also say that Home Affairs, who administer the regulations, aren’t  being helpful either. They aren’t explaining the regulations.

So the funeral business in South Africa is lucrative, with people paying a fortune to have a decent funeral. To this end the departments urge anyone who requires clarity on these regulations, to contact their regional offices. These By-laws cover some local government issues such as public open spaces, street trading, cemeteries, funerals and crematoria, emergency services and more.

Are You Competent?

You can’t just open a funeral parlour – there is also a host of Government regulations to comply with. Apart from applying for a Certificate of Competence at the Local Authority, you also have to publish two notices in 2 different official languages in certain newspapers.

So working with dead bodies and dealing with sad people is not everyone’s cup of tea. But if it is yours, and you follow the regulations, and therefore you’re always going to be in business.


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