Don’t get your Funeral claim rejected due to an oversight.

You should see insurance as a benefit for a healthy, balanced life. However, funeral claim rejections do happen, so you have to stick to the rules when claiming.

Life is unpredictable, but insurance is there to help you and your loved ones during unforeseen events.

These events include cover for:

  • You and your household’s health
  • Your unexpected passing or that of your partner or a child
  • A terminal illness
  • Disabled after an accident
  • Damages to your car
  • Household theft
  • Surgery or some other dread disease
  • Home damages after a fire, accident, and/or another event


Include all possible aspects that can occur, in your cover, because funeral claim rejections happen. Things like vehicle insurance plans that include cover for a traffic accident, but exclude damages left due to a hail storm or floods.

Each policy will have their own fine print that contains the areas they cover and the areas that they do not provide cover for. You have to read and be aware of every detail in your policy, in order to prevent the rejection of any of your future claims.

Reasons for Funeral claim Rejections can be a Simple error from Your side

Funeral claim rejections

The last thing that you should be concerned about when submitting a claim, is the possibility of it being rejected.

This should not be a cause of worry for you. In order for you to experience a smooth claim process, you should be aware of the errors thereof, to eliminate it from happening to you.

The reasons Behind the Rejection of a claim include:

  • Submitting your Claim statement too late
  • There is a time period within which your claim needs to be submitted
  • Some covers give you a 60 day time period, but it can vary
  • Make sure of the time period


Not working With your insurance Firm’s Safety rules

  • Many car policies require you to set certain safety mechanisms in place
  • These can include trackers, alarm systems, and certain immobilising devices
  • Know your policy’s safety measures
  • Keep all the documents of the installed items for future reference


Claims relating To the Content of your Household

  • Your home also needs security systems in place
  • If your home is not properly secured your policy will not compensate your losses
  • In the event of even a defective alarm, your claim will be rejected


Certain assets Need not Be your Financial concern

  • You cannot claim for assets that are not yours
  • If your child moved their possessions from your house into their own place, it will not be covered
  • Your business is also not insured by a personal plan


Modifications increase the Risk that is left Uncovered

  • When you make adjustments within your house you alter its worth
  • You need to make sure you keep your policy updated with any and all changes
  • Altering the value increases the factor of risk to your policy
  • The original plan then needs to be adjusted, to provide better cover


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All info was correct at time of publishing