Why is Getting Proof of Death in South Africa Necessary?

Without getting official proof of death not much can be done financially after someone has passed away.

  • There has to be proof of death – for legal purposes
  • You require the certificate to plan a funeral
  • Records need to be kept of all the details surrounding death
  • After death, many legal transactions require this document
  • Public health officials make use of these certificates for the compilation of data for statistics
  • The certificate will allow for the transportation or shipment of a body from one country to the next


Death Certificates – Gives Details Surrounding the Death

Proof of DeathA death certificate is an official document. It declares the cause of death, the location of death and time of death and it is issued by the government.

You can well imagine that there would be a need for proof of death, more so for legal purposes. Also, in some instances, government officials will want a death certificate to review the cause of death as sometimes foul-play is suspected.

Cemeteries will require a death certificate before they will cremate or bury a body. For this reason, it is a good idea to make a few copies of these death certificates, not only for the cemetery but for when you are completing paperwork.

Every transaction, in fact, done on behalf of the deceased, will need to be accompanied by copies of death certificates. Typical examples of this are when bank accounts are closed. As a beneficiary, claiming life insurance, for instance, will require you to produce a copy of the death certificate so as to claim those benefits

There Has to be Proof of Death

It doesn’t matter whether you die in hospital, at home in your bed or in another country, there has to be proof of your death – a record of what you died of and your date of death.

A death certificate will provide details on the precise circumstances surrounding a person’s death. Fortunately, they can be prepared for you by the funeral home handling the person’s remains. The funeral home does this over and over again. They know exactly what process is required.

Which Form must be Filled in By Whom? – Proof of Death

The funeral home will have the death certificate signed by a coroner or doctor. For instance, they’ll know that Form BI-1663 will have to be completed with a death. On the form, there are different sections to be filled in by different people.

The person reporting the death will have to fill in a section as well as the medical practitioner. These are people authorized by the Department of Home Affairs to fill in the death certificate.

A person’s death can be reported by a funeral undertaker, certain officers at the Department of Home Affairs, the South African embassy or the South African police services.

For Death Outside South Africa – Proof of Death

If you’re a South African citizen and death occurred outside South Africa, then the death has to be reported at the nearest South African embassy. The country where the death occurred will then issue the death certificate.

Details of Death Certificate in all Official Languages

Deaths in  South Africa are registered at the Department of Home Affairs. If you need to get hold of a death certificate, the South African Government Services website offers details on this in all official languages.

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