Why is Classical Music for Funerals an Excellent Choice?

Why choose classical music for a funeral ceremony?

  • It improves mood
  • The soothing music lowers stress
  • Classical music causes positive chemical reactions in the brain
  • The music is timeless
  • While a funeral is a time to let go, in some aspects it’s a time of awakening. Young people at the funeral may be introduced to classical music for the very first time…and love it.


Classical Music soothes a Troubled Mind

It’s been proven that this type of music calms and soothes. Scientists have connected the benefits of classical music to troubled children, to ill patients and to those who are feeling stressed, exhausted and angry. Classical music actually lowers high blood pressure.

Just attend a symphony concert and notice people with their heads lying back and their eyes closed. They’re simply relaxing and allowing the exquisitely soothing music to wash over them.  This is precisely why classical music is such a popular choice for a funeral.

Heavy Metal Music Enough to Make Someone Turn in the Grave

Classical Music

It is fascinating to discover how far reaching the effects of classical music are. In Germany, they are even testing the use of Mozart’s music to deal with road rage and driver aggression on the nation’s roads. Compare Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, Elvira Madigan or Bach’s soothing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring to some of the heavy metal hardcore music characterized by chaotic, loud heavy sounds. This kind of music leads to depression, violence, and anger.

Music speaks its own universal language and most people want to incorporate music into the funeral service.

You’ll need to choose your classical music according to the preferences of the person who has died. The person may have loved the well-known hymn Amazing Grace by John Newton who survived at sea. Particularly moving is the recording by the pipes and drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. So this piece of classical music is always a popular choice for those of Scottish origin.

Many celebrities have chosen classical music too. Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral was held just 2 days after her death and the funeral service included a trumpet performance of this most beautiful and popular funeral songs – Amazing Grace. Choral music during the funeral service of President John Kennedy included among others Ave Maria, a popular choice too.

Favourite Personal Choices which Soothe

If there isn’t anyone you know who has the talent to do justice to some of the classical music the deceased loved, you can play a selection of all these classical music items from a mp3 or iPod.

In the 21st century, music is still playing an important part in funeral services.

The music you select for the funeral of the deceased sets the tone for the entire event. Gone are the days when the funeral director would present you with a list of standard choices that no-one liked or wanted. So today, with the trend towards funeral personalization, people are making choices that blend in perfectly with the life and character of the deceased – and that’s how it should be.


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