Funeral Policies in South Africa and Online Quote

Whenever we lose a loved one, there is a lot of pain and sorrow. The brutal truth is that they need burying, and the process of arranging a funeral and the burial can add frustration and anxiety to your already burdened heart. That is because, as we all know, funerals cost and the cost is not anything to be ignored. That’s where funeral policies come into the picture. Get funeral cover quotes now!

Getting the body from the hospital or home, or wherever the death occurred to the mortuary is an expense. There are charges for every day the body spends in the mortuary as well. Sending out the word of the death via print media or however you do it, will cost you. Even if you have savings to fall back on, the fact that they will be drained on an unforeseen event and not what you planned is a setback that can induce stress.Funeral Policies That is why many people sign up for funeral plans.

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What is a funeral policy?Like other insurance products, funeral insurance is a way of shielding yourself against losses caused by unforeseen events. But unlike say a car insurance policy where an accident can or cannot happen for the duration that you own the vehicle, death is a certainty. One wise man said that two things are guaranteed in this life; death and taxes. Viewed from this angle, funeral cover becomes more saving for something that will happen, only that its exact time is unknown. In other words, funeral policies are a very shrewd investment. One that will keep you from pressing your friends and other relatives into helping raise funds when you should be grieving in peace.

Funeral policies are bountiful in South Africa, and many insurance companies have funeral plans among their products. To find the right partner for this investment you need to consider your budget; how much can you spare for premiums towards such a policy from your paycheck? You also need to consider the kind of send-off you want to give your loved one. To get a good payoff you will probably need to contribute sizeable premiums; you need to determine if your level of income can sustain these. Considering these factors, you must then source funeral policy quotes.

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Many insurance firms offer funeral policies in this country. Among the more popular ones for this kind of cover is Avbob. When you look at the benefits on offer, it’s easy to see why people go for Avbob funeral plans. Besides catering for the funeral expenses, this company’s funeral policies will ensure that you get the death certificate as well as provide you with a funeral representative to help you with all those little decisions.

With an Avbob funeral policy, you will also enjoy free transport of the deceased within South Africa. Metropolitan Life also has a policy worth considering. Their Metropolitan funeral cover will pay your beneficiaries R30,000 for funeral expenses in case of death. With the Kaizer Chiefs funeral plan, you get a payout of up to R50,000. So get funeral cover quotes now.

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All info was correct at time of publishing May 5, 2014