What are the issues about funerals on Sundays?

Sunday funerals are not a common choice as it is looked upon as a day of rest. Service providers do not work on Sunday which creates a problem. Also, priests and pastors are difficult to get hold of.

However, there is nothing to prevent a Sunday service but cemeteries often charge extra for having to prepare a grave on that day.

Sunday funerals and Burial culture –

Sunday funeralsIt’s what makes life interesting – our varied nationalities and cultures. When it comes to funerals, the nations of the world have different ways of dealing with death.

Some bury their dead within a few hours while others take a few days. Some  believe in cremation while others in burial. There are people who embalm a body while others will refuse. Some want a funeral during the week, while others over the weekend.

Sunday funerals and Staff –

Recently in Kerry, a town in Ireland, no funerals may take place in certain diocese on a Sunday. A decline in the availability of priests being the main reason for the ruling.

In our country you can hold a funeral service on any day of the week except Sunday. Finding a minister on Sunday isn’t easy, as it’s their busiest time. Some churches have four services on the day.

Sunday funerals and Cost –

The cost of a funeral on Sunday is another factor. Municipalities own many of the cemeteries, and workers don’t work on a Sunday. If they do, you must pay overtime, and then the funeral becomes even more expensive.

The Catholic church has rules against Sunday funerals. Sunday is the celebration of the resurrection, and not of death. They won’t hold a funeral on Easter Sunday or a funeral mass on Sundays during Advent.

Sunday funerals and Exceptions –

Planning a funeral depends on the wishes of the family. The funeral director tries to comply to their request, even if it means having a funeral at an unusual time.

Funerals on Sundays aren’t normal here, but that doesn’t mean they’re ruled out. Many people still respect Sunday as a sacred day. However, traditions are changing and Sunday is now looked upon as just another day of the week.

And, because most people don’t work on a Sunday, its looked upon as a good day to hold a funeral.

Times are Changing

Funerals can be held on Sundays, but it’s not common. The truth is that trends in funeral customs are changing. People are planning their own funerals. And if your funeral director won’t arrange a funeral on a Sunday, you are bound to find one who does.

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