When you pass on, have you got a burial plot to rest in peace?

Yes, we all pass on one day. And if you’re not into cremation, have you arranged your burial plot yet? As there is a lack of legislation in this country, you might be in for a surprise.

A Burial plot is A lot More than Just a Hole in the Ground

  • Urban burial space is often political and changes can happen at any time.
  • How often does the cemetery of your choice recycle graves?
  • Does your funeral director dispose of bodies in a socially and ethical manner?
  • If you’re unsure about a public burial plot, a private plot may be the way to go.


Vandalism a Reality with public Burial plots

We all know that burial space in South Africa is running out fast, more so with public grave yards. However, the vandalism of tombstones and graves have caused such an outcry that private cemeteries are providing a welcome choice.

Having space isn’t the only reason for these private plots. Many people want dignity for the deceased. And a well maintained area where silence reigns and vandalism doesn’t exist, gives them just that.

But a burial plot in a private area isn’t cheap. A plot can cost about R20 000 to R35 000. Even graves in government cemeteries are increasing.

You pay for More than Just the Plot

The cost of a plot doesn’t stop at the grave either. There are other fees as well. A cemetery charges you to open and close the grave, as well as costs for legal records.

Many people pay whatever it takes to ensure their loved ones are laid to rest in a decent, well-maintained area. Most government cemeteries these days are not looked after at all.

Work out What you’re Looking for –

  • A single burial plot
  • Family burial plots
  • Companion plots which fits a couple
  • Plots for cremated remains – these are a lot smaller

The cost of the Plot depends on a Number of factors –

  • Location
  • Whether for one or two
  • A family plot
  • A public or private cemetery


Other factors to take into account before you buy a burial plot. (This applies to all cemeteries who have rules about what is allowed).

You can’t just erect any kind of tombstone or plant just any type of tree or shrub you like around the grave. Check out what plans they have for the future which could impact your burial plot position choice.

An example of The uncertainty of Burial plots – 

Burial plotA Durban North man arrived at the family grave in Glenwood to put up a new tombstone, only to find eThekwini Municipality employees digging up an old grave close to the graves of his parents.

He watched as the remains taken from the grave were burned. A spokesperson for eThekwini says there was no need to inform families if graves are to be recycled. If the family didn’t inform them of their wish to keep the grave for another term, they can go ahead with recycling graves.

Research burial plots if you want your loved one to enjoy an undisturbed, peaceful final resting place.

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All info was correct at time of publishing