What are the benefits of a Crypt burial?

A Crypt burial is another option to ground burial. and offers certain benefits –

  • A crypt provides a tranquil, peaceful place to visit
  • Above-ground entombment suits those who don’t like the idea of being buried
  • Crypts are a solution to scarce burial plots and cemetery resources
  • Crypts can house an entire family


Crypt burial –An ancient Burial concept

A crypt is part of a mausoleum. They both hold the dead in a casket, but in an above ground structure. A crypt has always been a stone chamber below the ground.

A famous example is the Taj Mahal in India, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, built as a tribute to a loved one.

A crypt holds a casket placed beneath the floor, or wall of a church, in a stone chamber . There is nothing new about crypts. Some of the oldest, found beneath churches, date back to 600 A.D.

An example of a famous crypt is Newgrange in Ireland. This monument, built between 3300 – 2900 BC, is older than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. The circular-shaped mound is 76m across and 12m high, and a long tunnel leads to a burial chamber. Megalithic art adorns the massive stone entrance.

Crypt burialCrypt burial and Above-ground tombs

Today there are attractive above ground burial crypts. A casket, once entombed, has a marble front with inscription which seals the crypt. The inscriptions include the name of the deceased as well as birth date and date of death.

Modern day mausoleums provide above-ground entombment options for caskets and cremation urns where visitors can ‘view’ their deceased loved one. Crypts are burial vaults within these mausoleums, providing single or double accommodation.

An Alternative to Underground burial

You’ll find these mausoleums in some cemeteries and they can either be in or outdoors. An important point of these structures is there appeal to those who don’t want creamating or burial underground.

Because plots are scarce, mausoleums reduce the amount of land used for a burial.

All-weather Mausoleums

Mausoleums protect visitors from the rain and heat which allows people to visit whenever they please in any kind of weather.

Some have air conditioning or provide music with seating. This allows visitors to sit and be at peace with their thoughts.

A sought after Final resting Place

Maybe you prefer an above-ground mausoleum with vaults where caskets or urns are stored. Today we have many options to ensure we give our loved ones dignity in a peaceful place to visit.

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