What are important getaway tips from Old Mutual?

Old Mutual is an experienced insurance, banking and investment group. Established in 1845, Old Mutual getaway tips for the holidays help you to travel safely during the mad rush on the roads.

  • Have your car serviced – check tyres and battery
  • Take out travel insurance when going beyond our borders
  • Turn off all electrical items in your house before you leave
  • Take out extra cover for expensive items you have in the car
  • Don’t leave all your travel arrangements to the last minute

Old Mutual getaway Tips – Drive responsibly

At the end of yet another year, we all like to get away on holiday. As you travel, the idea is to make the journey a part of the holiday. And, every year we see Arrive Alive alongside the highways trying to create a culture of driving responsibly.

Old Mutual getaway tips help you to have a fun-filled, hassle-free getaway. With an insured house, the holiday becomes even more carefree.

Old Mutual getaway Tips – Be prepared in Advance

Old Mutual getaway tips Being prepared for your holiday is vital, and therefore tip number one would be to have your car serviced before you leave. This is to avoid breakdowns in between towns and to also ensure the fuel efficiency of your car.

You must make sure your tyres have enough tread depth and that you have a pumped up spare with you.

Old Mutual getaway Tips – What else?

  • Don’t wait for the last minute to get ready for your holiday. You may find yourself unable to get products and services at such a late hour.
  • Driving to Botswana or Namibia? You must have the insurance of that country. Make sure that it covers transport back to South Africa if your car is damaged.
  • Take out extra cover for expensive gifts you may have bought.
  • Insure all valuables that travel with you such as cellphones, laptop computers etc. with All Risks. Many people believe these items are insured when taken out of the house.
  • Check out what you need if you’re going to a Malaria area.
  • Remember your pets – get a friend to look after them or arrange with the kennels.
  • Make sure you’ve got everything in your emergency kit.
  • Unplug all electrical items and switch your geyser off too.
  • Don’t leave any windows open.
  • Set your burglar alarm and arrange for someone to turn it off if it goes off by mistake.
  • If you are on good terms with your neighbours, ask them to put one or two lights on. Or make use of a timer switch.
  • Confirm your destination with a family member or friend, and leave them with a contact number.


Old Mutual are always concerned for the safety of their clients. Follow their simple safety guidelines over any holiday period. but especially over the end of year break. As this is when criminal acts increase.

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All info was correct at time of publishing