Compare Funeral Cover Quotes with Hippo

Compare funeral cover quotes with Hippo! is a website that compares insurance offerings from various South African companies. Hippo conducts real-time searches and will give comparative information on insurance and other financial products within minutes.

The quotes that are generated by the site come directly from the providers, leaving less room for error. Hippo is free and charges no commission – the company makes its profit by charging the providers a fee for a business that comes from the site.

Funeral cover is one of the key areas that customers research on Funeral cover guarantees that money is paid out when the insured person dies to ensure that the family can afford the cost of a funeral.

Funeral Cover For a Single Person

As an example, using and looking for funeral cover for a single person currently aged 35 and paying out between R10000 and R15000, the following results were obtained:

Insurer                Premium (per month)               Cover Value                        

  •                                 R58.00                           R15 000
  • Unity                                                R79.55                           R15 000
  • Total Risk Administrators             R84.00                           R20 000
  • Kga life                                             R100.00                         R20 000
  • Budget insurance                           R101.52                         R20 000
  • 1st for Women                                 R103.68                         R20 000
  • Dialdirect                                         R104.76                         R20 000
  • Auto & General                               R105.84                         R20 000
  • MobiLife                                           R109.99                         R20 000
  • Union Life                                         R130.00                        R19 000
  • 1Life                                                   R130.61                        R20 000


Compare Funeral Cover Quotes with Hippo

These quotes are based on limited information submitted online (gender, date of birth and physical address) and therefore only serve to give the client an idea of what is on offer. They are not a binding offer and could alter once you engage with a broker and provide further risk-related information.

The premium will also be affected by a number of other factors, including:

  • Number of immediate and extended family members included in the policy
  • Age of family members included in the policy
  • The inclusion of accidental death or disability cover


compare funeral cover quotes with hippo

After conducting the search online and receiving the comparative information, a potential client can choose to examine the benefits of each policy in more detail.

So once you have chosen which policy or policies are most attractive, you can click on the “I’m interested” button. Your details will then be sent to the relevant insurance provider, who will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

Funeral cover generally will not be paid if a claim occurs because of any of the following:

  • Fraud
  • A criminal act committed by the insured
  • Dishonesty around information relating to the claim
  • Radiation from nuclear fuel or waste
  • War, riots or any other public disorder


Some insurers also will not pay out if the deceased was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of death. And some exclude cover for death from suicide or exclude it in the first 24 months of cover. So compare funeral cover quotes with hippo to get the best that you can afford.

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