What Types of Funerals Are There?

There are many different types of funerals, and they vary according to religion, custom, culture and area. Besides which, not everyone wants the same funeral. Everyone is different.

Also, will it be elaborate, private, public, religious, a cremation, burial, open casket, closed casket? will there be a vigil, a viewing, a visitation, will the body be there, will it be formal or celebratory? The choices are nearly limitless.

What applies to one group of people or country is taboo in other parts of the world. Here are some examples of types of funerals.

Types of Funerals – The New Orleans Jazz Funeral

Types of FuneralsThat is a truly unique type of funeral in the United States in New Orleans. Typified by typical jazz music, a march consisting of family and friends will start at the funeral home or church and proceed to the chosen cemetery.

During the march, the band will play somber dirges. After the ceremony is over with, the march will proceed to another gathering place where different raucous music and dance takes place.

That is in celebration of the deceased. A celebration of the survivors of Death will ensure. That isĀ  ‘the butcher.’ Attendees wave handkerchiefs in the air because there are no more tears.

Types of Funerals – A Green Funeral

Many are very concerned about our natural environment when it comes to a traditional burial or a cremation. They opt for burial in all-natural bio-degradable type shrouds and often a coffin made from the simple biodegradable products.

They might even opt for their final resting place to be a forest or an eco-cemetery. A tree might replace a tombstone over the grave. This is their contribution to the environment, and they want to be remembered this way.

Types of Funerals – Humanist Funerals

A non-religious funeral is legal in the UK. The Humanist Societies of the UK will train humanist officials on conducting these types of funeral ceremonies. The beliefs of those who usually attend these humanist funerals are that they do not recognize any ‘after-life,’ but rather only the life of the deceased.

Some people who had humanist funerals over the years have been Claire Rayner, Linda Smith, Keith Floyd, Terry Duff and Ronnie Barker. Have a look at Terry Duff’s coffin with large polka dots.

Types of Funerals – Policeman/Fireman Funerals

Here you will usually find, particularly in the United States and Canada, honour guards from these two departments, coming from other countries across the world. This is because the presence of these outside members is a sign of support and respect from the brotherhood towards the late comrade.

Musicians play the bagpipes, and retired fire-fighters and police officers. In fact, Fire and police departments in most big cities have a special brigade who learn to play bagpipes for the very purpose of honouring their fallen comrades.

Types of Funerals – Free Mason Funeral

A Masonic funeral takes place at the church, the chapel or the Lodge. No one is under any obligation to have a Masonic funeral because this is not a requirement of their Masonic Fraternity. Some customs that take place might seem unusual to the non-Mason.

You might notice a white small leather apron put in the casket of the deceased. This is called a ‘lambskin,’ and it is the badge of a Mason. He can wear this apron even in death. Even the wording from the Masonic funeral service seems old and out of place to those who are not part of the Masons.

Types of Funerals – A More Light-Hearted Fashion

Throughout the world, people are planning for the inevitable event of death, but these days there seems to be a change coming over people with their attitudes to death. It seems as though death is being accepted in a more light-hearted and celebratory fashion.

Maybe its because the world in the 21st century is becoming so intolerable that people are beginning to see death as a fortunate escape out of it.

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