Metropolitan Funeral Insurance

Metropolitan Funeral Insurance offers affordable funeral cover and peace of mind when a loved one passes away. Importantly, Metropolitan has 130 years’ experience in the insurance industry.

Metropolitan Funeral Insurance

Significantly, Metropolitan offers funeral cover for:

  • Member and life partner (or member only).
  • Member children (under 21 years and unmarried or students up to 25) and parents/ parents-in-law (under 85 years old); no age limit for dependent children with mental or physical disability and
  • Member family and extended family (under 85 years old).


Features of Metropolitan Funeral Insurance

Metropolitan’s funeral plan includes the following features:

  • Monthly payments from as little as R40
  • Funeral cover ranges from R5000 to R50000
  • The whole family covered on one plan – cover offered for up to 9 extended family members
  • No medical tests required
  • Valid claims paid out within 48 hours
  • Accidental death cover from payment of the first premium
  • Cover continues after the main member passes away and
  • Financially independent children can be covered as extended family members


Additionally the following benefits are automatically included in a Metropolitan Funeral Plan:

  • Paid-up benefit: premiums cease and cover continues after retirement, when the main member turns 65 or when the main member dies
  • Accidental death benefit: lump sum up to R30000 paid on accidental death; only applies to policy owner, partner, and children and only applies to members aged between 13 and 65
  • Family Assistance benefit and
  • CashBack benefit: cash amount paid back to policyholder subject to certain conditions



Metropolitan Funeral Insurance

In addition the following benefits are optional when choosing Metropolitan Funeral Cover:

  • Survival benefit: lump sum payment up to R50000 if the policyholder stays alive until 65 years old.
  • Tombstone benefit: pays up to R15000 cash to be used in funding a tombstone, payout date must be within 18 months of the claim
  • iNkomo benefit: pays up to R18000 cash for assistance with catering costs around the funeral and
  • Shopping benefit: pays up to R18000 towards grocery expenses (only included if the policy includes Paid-up benefit)


Inflation Management: ensures your pay-out stays in line with inflation. And two options exist for inflation management:

  • Increase premiums by 6% and cover increases by 4.2%
  • Increase premiums by 10% and cover increases by 7%


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All info was correct at time of publishing