Metropolitan Life – Together we can face the future.

Metropolitan Life have a passion for helping people from all walks of life to have a better future. Metropolitan Life funeral plans are part of that passion and a part of your future.

What to expect from a Metropolitan Life plan –

  • Cover from one of South Africa’s leading insurers.
  • Many different options, depending on who you want to cover.
  • Plans up to either R30 000 or R50 000 .
  • Pay per member, you only pay for what you need.
  • Claims paid out in forty-eight hours or less.

Metropolitan Life funeral Plans – A plan for the Future of Your family

Metropolitan Life funeral plansMetropolitan Life is one of the giants in the insurance game in this country. In fact, they rank among the top three insurers at the moment. They have been in business for over a century and have more than four million customers.

When it comes to funeral insurance, they are a trusted name and offer many different levels of cover. In this post, we will have a look at what those products are.

The Family Funeral plan

The Family plan insures you, your partner and your children up to the age of twenty-one, or until they marry, whichever comes first. South Africans under the age of sixty qualify for R50 000 of cover.

The Member and Children funeral Plan

This policy has up to R50 000 in cover and insures your whole family. The difference between this plan and the above one is that children are insured until they turn 25, as long as they are full-time students. If the child is completely dependent on you because of physical or mental difficulties, the age limit does not apply.

Metropolitan Life funeral plans – The Member and Life Partner plan

This insures only you and your partner. The amount of cover is R50 000, and you must be under sixty to apply.

The Member Only funeral Plan

Many funeral plans include cover for children at no extra cost. That’s great for people with kids, but single people are subsidising them. Now Metropolitan has a plan for those who are unmarried.

Metropolitan Life funeral plans – The Parent funeral Plan

Most of us would like to be able to give our parents, or our in-laws a proper funeral service. This plan meets that need. You can cover these family members for up to R30 000. The premium depends on the age of the insured. Each member is a separate cost and the maximum entry age is 84 years.

The Extended Family funeral Plan

People also like to cover members of their extended family. This policy takes care of that. The benefit amount is up to R30 000, and the premium depends on how many people are insured. With Metropolitan, you don’t pay for cover you neither want nor need.

Metropolitan Life funeral plans – The claims Process

This is as streamlined as possible. Just contact the company and provide a copy of the deceased’s ID and death certificate. The beneficiary must submit a copy of their ID, along with their banking details. As long as the documents check out, the claims process is quick and easy.

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