The Best Funeral Society Might Just be Hollard

Funeral cover is cheap, and you can probably get away with paying less than R50 a month for a funeral plan. It is up to you to do research and find out what you’re going to get with that R50. So maybe the best funeral society might just be Hollard.

One of the attractive aspects of funeral insurance is that you don’t have to have medical tests and there are no questions about your health either. South Africa has a number of excellent funeral plan providers. The BEST Funeral Society was launched in 1997 in association with Hollard Life Assurance Company.

As a financial services provider, they know that the death of a family member is sad but also traumatic if you haven’t made provision with a funeral plan.  They know that the whole idea of funeral cover is that you have easy access to funeral insurance for a decent funeral.

  • The Best Funeral Society offers pre-packaged Umbrella benefits for groups under 1000 members
  • Benefits are uniquely structured and tailored to suit
  • Schemes provide funeral cover for the main member and their immediate family as well as extended family members


Why Might Hollard be the Best Funeral Society?

The Best Funeral Society

  • They are South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group
  • No medical examination is required to join
  • Acceptance is guaranteed for those South African citizens between 18 and 75 years of age
  • They have many decades of experience. They were established in 1980
  • Also, Hollard has been voted FIA 2016 Corporate and Commercial Insurer of the Year – 2nd time in a row.
  • With Hollard, funeral insurance is drawn up for your needs – you get from R10,000 to R75,000 of cover
  • The accidental death benefit is immediate – no waiting periods
  • Hollard pays out all claims within 48 hours once they have the correct documents
  • You get the loan of a rental vehicle for 3 days to help you with planning a funeral
  • Children under the age of 21 have coverage. The Family Funeral Benefit covers a maximum of 5 children, up to R20,000.
  • Also, get payments back after so many years. This benefit applies to the main insured person and their partner. This benefit excludes policy fees.
  • Getting a Hollard quote is easy – simply fill in the form online for convenience.


Affordable Funeral Cover

If you’re looking for cheap funeral cover, why not look at what all you get from Hollard? You may well have researched a good number of funeral insurance quotes from other insurance companies, but Hollard is always a name that comes up as a means for cheap funeral cover. They want to offer you far more than just merely helping you pay for a funeral.

So if you have life insurance, good and well, but you might want to think about funeral cover too for the simple reason that it can take months and sometimes much longer for your life insurance policy to pay out.

Then you’ll be glad that your Hollard Funeral Cover stepped up to the plate and helped you through what could be a financially trying time.


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All info was correct at time of publishing