Get a Great Deal on Funeral Cover from 1Life

As people age and become frailer, they realise that it’s the time of their lives to tie up all the loose ends and start winding up their time on earth. They start worrying about insurances and what provision they have made for a funeral. So get a great deal on funeral cover from 1Life.

If they haven’t at some stage in their lives invested in a funeral plan, it could mean a lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety for family members. Funerals are expensive events. There are also some people who have very definite ideas about the kind of funeral they wish to have. Without any plans, even the most agreeable families will end up bickering about the planning of a funeral.

Ray of Hope with Funeral Planning

Luckily you can prepare for nasty situations like this by planning well in advance for your funeral. South Africa has many funeral cover providers and one of them is 1Life. They want to make sure your family has the funds they need to survive when the breadwinner dies.

With 1Life you get a great deal. You can get between R10 000 and R100 000 cover for the main member and between R5 000 and R100 000 cover for other family members.

Other funeral benefits from 1Life –

Get a Great Deal on Funeral Cover from 1Life

  • you don’t have to be a client of 1Life to buy funeral cover from them.
  • they offer flexible funeral plans – you choose the cover you want according to what you can afford.
  • a funeral plan which includes a grocery and memorial benefit.
  • a burial repatriation service in South Africa
  • a memorial benefit and a grocery benefit
  • you can include your spouse, up to 5 children as well as 11 extended family members
  • once you’ve got funeral cover, your premium won’t increase for the first 12 months
  • claims are paid out within 24 hours after the right documentation has been received. When you need to lodge a claim with 1Life, you can call the claims department on 0860 10 51 96 so that one of the 1Life consultants can help.
  • you don’t require having a medical examination
  • there is a premium waiver. This means if the main member dies, the cover is still in place for other members of the policy for another 2 years. No premiums will have to be paid over this time.
  • when you receive your funeral payout, you won’t have to pay taxes.


Nervous Tension Needn’t Ruin a Funeral – Get a Great Deal on Funeral Cover from 1Life

When you buy funeral cover from 1Life, they make a promise to you. They say that because you buy directly from them, you save up to 22%  and your premiums remain fixed for 24 months. Also, their funeral policies are so simple to read and understand, they have been awarded the Readability Mark.

1Life launched in March 2006 with the aim to provide South Africans with affordable, simple and convenient insurance products.

Not only do they provide excellent insurance products, they also provide consumers with the knowledge on how and why it is so important to have the right insurance products not only for themselves but to ensure families don’t have to contend with a lot of financial pressure so that they’re ready to crack at a time they particularly need to be strong and confident. So do yourself a favour, and get a great deal on funeral cover from 1Life.


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