Funeral Insurance Tips for South Africans

When a loved one dies, without a funeral plan in place, the surviving family members have to plan a funeral. With emotions running high, everybody has different ideas on what is important, and different opinions can cause a bitter divide in families. Here in this article, we will have a look at some funeral insurance tips for South Africans.

If you know what kind of a funeral you want, why not get a funeral plan to further prevent your family squabbling over monetary issues in connection with funeral costs. You can also avoid your family being split over what kind of funeral to give you.

Buying funeral insurance isn’t just a case of buying the cheapest funeral cover there is. You have to compare premiums and see what you’re going to get for the premium and whether the benefits offered will be enough.

What Benefits will you Get?

Some funeral insurance tips for South Africans –

Funeral Insurance Tips for South Africans

  • Understand who has coverage by the policy. Does it, for instance, cover everyone in your family?
  • When does the funeral policy out? Are 48 hours too long for you? Look for funeral insurance that pays out in 24 hours.
  • Having a funeral service isn’t a legal requirement in South Africa. Nonetheless, it is customary for most people. You’ve got choices – a burial or cremation. The responsibility of planning a funeral falls on the closest family members. For both health and legal reasons, it isn’t recommended to undertake a funeral on your own, bearing in mind there are those complications surrounding the death certificate and the transport and sanitary storage of the body.
  • Look for funeral cover that doesn’t only cover the funeral, but which offers other benefits too to make life easier over the death of a loved one.
  • Look for funeral cover that provides you with helpful benefits such as airtime vouchers, grocery benefits. As well as the possibility of a rental car at your disposal.
  • Always have a good look at what waiting periods exist with some funeral policies
  • How much funeral cover do you want? Some people wisely start off with basic cover and then add various options when they’re better able to.
  • Under the different benefits, which ones are important to you – accidental cover, terminal illness cover, HIV cover or premium cash back?

The passing of a loved one is a sad, stressful time. A family can experience even more stress when provision hasn’t been made for a funeral. Many families have ended up not speaking to each other because of differences over the planning of a funeral.

Funeral Cover is One of the Most Affordable – Funeral Insurance Tips for South Africans

Do research on the different funeral plan providers. Funeral cover is one of the most affordable insurances there are. And in exchange for it you can have peace of mind that at the time of your death, your loved ones will know exactly whom to call and what kind of funeral to arrange.

Having a funeral plan and having confidence in the company that provides funeral services is a great weight off your mind. You’ll have people from the funeral company stepping in and helping with a funeral in keeping with your budget and more importantly in keeping with the wishes of the deceased.


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