Does Outsurance now offer Funeral Plans Too?

With all the products they offer, does Outsurance now offer Funeral plans too?

  1. yes, and it’s a low-cost funeral plan too
  2. yes, they believe everyone should have a decent funeral
  3. they are popular for their innovative products and funeral cover is one
  4. they offer customisable funeral options to cater for different budgets
  5. the cover is from R30 000 to R100 000

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Does Outsurance Now Offer Funeral Plans Too

When you think of Outsurance you think of car insurance and the fantastic job the Outsurance pointsmen do at busy intersections. You don’t really think of them offering funeral cover and yet they do. Funeral cover from Outsurance is worth a look at as Outsurance is popular for their innovative, affordable products.

They’re known for their cash out bonus and the fact that their premiums are guaranteed to stay as-is for 12 months. Outsurance started offering their innovative products and services way back in 1998.

Outsurance believes that everyone should be able to have a decent funeral when they die. And now the insurance giant offers customisable funeral options to suit everyone’s needs.


Funeral Cover suited to You – Does Outsurance now offer Funeral Plans Too?

Their funeral plan will offer cover from R30 000 to R100 000 for the insured, their spouse, children and both sets of parents. They have launched a low-cost funeral plan which can be tailored to meet consumers’ needs.

The funeral plan is adaptable and clients can increase or decrease cover and premiums as their circumstances change. They won’ incur any penalties. Outsurance says that you can buy or discard extra benefits as needed.

Other funeral benefits include –

  • The ‘pause and play’ feature which allows the client to contact Outsurance and request to pause cover for up to three months. The client can also bank up to 3 months so that if they can’t pay premiums, they get 3 months where their policy will be unaffected.
  • Premiums are based on your risk profile. You will get a quote as an individual.


Funeral insurance from Outsurance can be bought online in a jiffy. People just love buying funeral cover from Outsurance as the plan comes from a trusted source. People who have been serving South Africans for 20 years, ensuring additional cover for –

  • tombstones
  • transport
  • catering as well as marquee
  • You can increase the cover up to R125 000 if you need this.
  • clients can have up to 6 months not to pay a premium and without their cover being cancelled.


Funeral cover from Outsurance can offer peace of mind for you. This is particularly so if you know that if you died, your family members would have to pay for your funeral when they’re already battling financially. If you or a family member dies, this kind of insurance can help with securing your family’s financial future instead of sending you go down into debt.

Word-of-Mouth Insurance – Does Outsurance now offer Funeral Plans Too?

Outsurance offers funeral cover and so much more such as benefit payments in the event of serious illness. But it’s not just their awesome products – Outsurance sets the standard, making sure that insurance from them is never a hassle.

They’ve got friendly and knowledgeable advisors who deal with you telephonically without all those complex, irritating forms. Small wonder that a large percentage of their business is driven by word-of-mouth, and once you’ve got funeral cover from them, you’ll want to spread the word too.


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