Living Memorial Lets You Grow Your Love

Why not carry on the legacy of a loved one so you have memories for years to come? A living memorial will do just that.

Do that by planting something in a special place. And thus you create a beautiful garden, indoors or outside. Living memorials are certainly a wonderful way of interacting, and have become a very popular way of remembering loved ones. Memorial parks and beautiful gardens provide places of beauty and comfort for those who come to remember and to seek solace.

Living Memorial – Mixing the ashes will Let Your Love Grow

Maybe you find a living memorial a wonderful way to remember someone who has passed on. Or you might want to create a memorial planting. You can use trees, bushes or flowers. You create a memorial planting when you use the cremation ashes of your Living Memorial Gardenloved one to nourish the plant. Not everyone likes the whole concept of a living memorial – they like doing things the regular way. But many people are growing to the idea.

These people have found advantages in living memorials. They believe that by returning their loved one’s ashes to nature, they are completing the circle of life. These people also love the fact that when they visit their loved one, they do not go to a cemetery. Instead they can go into nature itself, to their memorial planting and find tranquillity there. Often they plant trees or bushes or flowers that were the favourites of their loved ones, and this makes people feel closer and in touch with the passed-on loved one.

Living Memorial – Go Easy with Ash

Burying ash in such concentrated amounts has a harmful effect on plants. Cremated ashes always have a very high PH level making it impossible for good nutrients to be released naturally. Cremated ashes also have light levels of sodium which is detrimental to plant life as well.

Let Your Love Grow, fortunately, has understood that people find it appealing to bury ashes and they have come up with a remedy for the problem. Let Your Love Grow has kits that contain regular organic soil and along with the ashes prevent the high toxic sodium levels and also Living Memorialallow the nutrients to be released.

Living Memorial -The Spirit of the Deceased Lives On

If you ever decide to move one day, you can even transport that bush or flower or tree, or part of that tree away with you too. Creating your living memorial is not a difficult process. You can choose the plant that is suitable for the climate where you are. Then you simply mix the cremated ashes with your ‘Love Kit’, plant your tree or shrub and tend and care for it, just like you would have done when the person was still alive.

The way to bury ashes using Let Your Love Grow is to mix it with a balanced mix of regular soil and ordinary soil. Plant life flourishes in these conditions as nutrients are released, and toxic sodium levels are leached.


It is a good idea to discuss this with the family before going to visit your funeral director to discuss your choices. That is also so that everyone is involved in the discussions and nobody is left out. Then the whole family will share in this green way of remembering their loved ones for many years to come!

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