How To Make a Funeral Wreath

You can’t imagine that something so fresh and beautiful as a flower was once used centuries ago to lessen the effect of offensive odours emanating from the decomposing body. Yes, that is the origin of the traditional funeral wreath.

Today, people use flowers liberally in the form of a funeral wreath to show sympathy and love. In fact the placement of flowers around the dead is an ancient tribute, because they bring beauty, warmth and consolation for any occasion and for any venue.

The life and beauty of of flowers is fleeting, and they represent the life of man as well – here for a moment and gone like a morning mist. A funeral wreath is a popular flower arrangement at a burial or memorial service.  Significantly, a funeral wreath is an assortment of flowers, leaves, twigs, berries and fruit. The circle that forms the wreath represents a circle of eternal life.

Choose Fresh or Artificial Flowers

Funeral WreathThere are no hard and fast rules with the making of a funeral wreath and you can either opt for fresh or artificial flowers.

Some people like to choose flowers of a particular colour which represent the favourite flowers of the deceased. If you aren’t aware of the favourite flowers of the deceased it isn’t a problem.

With a funeral wreath you can combine different flowers by playing with colours and textures. Baby’s breath, ferns and peonies are beautiful as are roses or dahlias for instance.

You Need a Few Simple Tools

To make a funeral wreath with fresh flowers, get your tools together. You’ll need a twig wreath base or an oasis which is that green material which soaks up water to keep the flowers fresh.

You’ll also need ribbon, wire cutters, flower shears, green flower tape, flower wire, preserved moss and spray adhesive. And the most important thing is the flowers, berries and leaves. Decide how you want your wreath to look.

You’ll probably be needing about 40 flowers or so, but this depends on the type of flowers you use. A huge daisy or sunflower can take up quite a bit of space.

Strip away leaves from very short stems. Insert the stems of the flowers around the funeral wreath Heart Shaped Funeral Wreathwhere you want them to go. There is no set rule to certain colours belonging together. Then you can mix colours and go wild with your groups of flowers.

Making use of the green flower tape, tape them together. Attach the flowers gently to the wreath by weaving them through the twig wreath. Add ribbon if you like. Use the wire to hook them and secure them.

If you see any empty spaces, don’t worry, you can add any filler flowers you like or the preserved moss. When using moss, then the adhesive spray will hold it in place.

Remember, if you don’t like the idea of making your own twig wreath, you can go to a craft shop and buy all the supplies you need to make any kind of wreath you like.

Funeral Wreath Cross

You can get wire wreaths, ready made twig wreaths, forms, frames, floral wire, ribbon and myriads of wreath decorations from these shops. And you’ll discover that these wreath forms come complete with wreath making instructions.

A Funeral Wreath for a Positive Effect

Make your funeral wreath a day or two before the event. Continually check the water of the flowers and spray them gently with fresh water to keep them spritely. And when the bereaved people see the beauty of your wreath, you can be sure their spirits will be lifted.

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