5 Good Reasons Why you Need a Funeral Plan

But why do I need funeral plan cover anyway? Maybe you think a funeral plan is a dumb idea. Think again about why you need funeral plan security.

Or rather imagine you die unexpectedly say in a car accident or from a stroke, whatever. What if you die at home? Your household will be in chaos because with no plan in place your family will not know what to do.

Do they phone 10111, call the doctor, call the police? Eventually, an ambulance takes you to the mortuary after your family has scraped together to pay the ambulance company.

You need funeral plan cover Because if you Die without it, Now the Trouble starts.


The family has to organise a funeral. Wherever they turn they will need money for the funeral parlour, church, caterers,

You Need Funeral Plan

transport for the deceased, phoning relatives, organising a death certificate – the list is seemingly endless!

The family ask their life insurance company to help. They say it will take weeks to pay out anything. So your family must beg from friends and relatives so they can bury you.  By the time you are six foot under, or your ashes occupying a small urn on the mantelpiece, your family is under dire financial strain.

Not only have they lost you but they have financial obligations they never expected.

Suddenly the Idea of why you need Funeral plan cover Doesn’t seem so Dumb, right?

Five reasons why you need funeral plan insurance:

  1. Maintain your dignity. If you die with your financial affairs in chaos (including without funeral cover), your family is going to hate you and your friends are going to think less of you. With a funeral plan everything is covered, from the moment your draw your last breath to the moment you are interred. And with a funeral plan your family can afford a funeral that befits your status.
  2. Look after your family. By securing your funeral arrangements with a funeral plan, you are protecting your family from financial and emotional distress. Also your policy is likely to cover your family as well, so they can be assured of a decent funeral too.
  3. Make funerals affordable. By paying a small monthly premium that your bank account will hardly feel, you are assured of a decent funeral without laying out a cent. That’s a lot better than your family having to scramble around for funeral loans.
  4. Excellent industry. Funeral insurance is nothing new in South Africa. The country’s foremost insurers will cover you for a minimal cost. Insurers include Sanlam, Old Mutual, Hollard, Momentum and Liberty. Then there are specialised, smaller companies that also offer great deals. Even funeral companies such as Doves and Avbob have entered the funeral insurance market. So rest assured that your funeral plan will pay out as expected.
  5. Peace of mind. People don’t realise what weight is lifted from one’s mind when you know you have the funeral aspect of your estate covered. That’s a funeral benefit before you have even died!

These are valid reasons why you need funeral plan cover.

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All info was correct at time of publishing