PEP stores funeral cover understands that every culture and country have its particular way of burying or cremating their dead. And everyone will agree that they want affordable funeral premiums which will give their loved one a dignified funeral.

Death is a universal event that will come for every one of us sooner or later. You can get affordable funeral cover at PEP Stores.

All PEP stores funeral cover requires is walking into one of their stores and shopping for Pep stores funeral cover. That is because it the same as shopping for your clothes.

PEP has different funeral cover plans to choose from. One of the attractive aspects of this funeral plan is that it requires no bank account and no medical examination.

PEP Stores Funeral Cover – Afford Funeral Cover from the Many PEP outlets

PEP Stores Funeral CoverWith Pep Stores funeral cover, Hollard, one of South Africa’s biggest privately owned insurance groups, joined with clothing retail chain PEP so as to offer South Africans affordable funeral cover. That makes getting funeral cover easy for most South Africans as there are more than 1,500 PEP outlets all over the country.

With PEP Stores funeral cover, there is no need to go into a special funeral office – you can sort out your funeral cover while you are shopping in one of the PEP stores scattered across the country. Get affordable funeral cover you can trust in-store at PEP. With different funeral cover plans to choose from, you will find the right plan for you.

When you enter a PEP store so as to apply for a funeral plan, you will need –

  • your ID book
  • a contact telephone number
  • you will need to have the name of a beneficiary ready. This is the person who will receive the money when you pass away
  • you will choose the funeral cover you want – PEP have joined with Doves and AVBOB and they will
  • help you with all those difficult death claims forms entirely free of charge
  • the shop assistant scans your new funeral card at the till
  • for sheer convenience, your first installment is the purchase of your starter pack

PEP Stores Funeral Cover – Monthly Payments at any PEP Store Nationwide

When you have become a funeral policyholder with PEP, you can make your monthly premium payments at any one of these stores right at the till. You don’t have to pay at the store where you bought the policy, for convenience you can pay at any of the stores you want.

When you sign up for the starter pack, you’ll discover that you don’t have to pay the first month’s premium. You’ve also got 30 days once you sign up to decide not to go ahead with the PEP stores funeral cover policy.

We live in a violent society in South Africa where life is cheap, and South Africans want to know that they have immediate funeral cover if their lives are shortened by unpredictable events.

What sets PEP funeral cover apart from other funeral policies is that you don’t have to undergo medical examinations and you need to be under the age of 65 years of age. You then get immediate cover.

PEP Stores Funeral Cover – Funeral Cover for the People

PEP funeral cover isn’t only for a certain group of people – it is available to everyone, offering several types of funeral cover which are underwritten and administered by Hollard.

Because monthly payments with PEP stores funeral cover are as little as R27 a month, even those with minuscule salaries can afford this funeral cover. In fact, anyone who earns a wage may apply for a PEP funeral plan.

In the event of a family member’s death, you can expect a payout of between R2,500 to R12,500 within 48 hours if your claim is valid and that all the correct documentation is handed in.

PEP Stores Funeral Cover – Make Your Claim

To claim, you can get hold of a claim form by either phoning Hollard at 0860 737 777. When the claim forms have been filled in you can fax the forms to 011-836 8578. You can also visit the AVBOB or Doves Funeral Parlour where they will help you with the claims process.

If you want to sign up for a funeral plan, please complete and send the form on this page. We will send you a funeral cover quote fast!

All info was correct at time of publishing