Funeral Prayers Offer Peace to Loved Ones

Funeral prayers usually allow those that say the prayers to express their feelings of grief, or love and even joy.

Usually funeral prayers will be about the deceased, wishing them peace as they travel to the life hereafter. People often use these prayers to say goodbye to their loved ones.

When someone passes on, many emotions are revealed, and sometimes even questions will remain. For most of us, death is not an easy experience to deal with.

Depending on who the person was and what faith they belonged to, there are different prayers at funerals. Often the minister who is officiating chooses the prayer. Usually, he would say something suitable according to the deceased and the family’s circumstances.

Funeral Prayers – Stay in Line with the Beliefs of the Family

Funeral PrayersWhen you are extending comfort for the family, it is better to be hesitant. Don’t say things like ‘it was his time to go’ or ‘God wanted him or her’. This is because these statements might not be in agreement with the beliefs of the grieving persons.

Many times, Christian people wrestle with God because they believe the death of the person was possibly untimely, Therefore it wouldn’t be wise to add unnecessary pain to loved ones by saying things that they are battling with.

There are wonderful words of comfort at times of death, and to truly comfort grieving friends and family, it is best to say a few words. Your presence is enough.

The real purpose of funeral prayers is to draw closer to God and to bring friends and family closer together during such difficult times. Here is an example of a funeral prayer at a Christian funeral:

Funeral Prayers – A comforting and heartfelt prayer

Father, we are grieving over the unexpected loss of our brother, Lord, just last Sunday he was telling me how excited he was to be part of this church. He was on fire for You Father, and we saw how joy radiated from his face. Be with all those mourning the loss of a friend, husband and father.

You can continue and say-

‘Father, be with his wife and children and pour your love on them. Help them to leave all their worries with you because you care for us. Wrap Your arms around them, for there will be a day when they see their husband and father again in Heaven. Father, comfort the family in this unbearable time of life and let them continue to ask for and and seek your guidance in future days. We ask these things in your name – Amen’.

Funeral Prayers – Prayers in Different Ways

We can pray in different ways – with somebody leading us, in silence, or even by lighting a candle. If you have been the one selected to pray for the deceased person at a funeral, don’t worry if you feel inadequate.

There is plenty of help available on the Internet where you will find a selection of funeral prayers which you may find helpful, and which will provide comfort to those listening to it as you lead them in prayer, asking God to be their help in death and in all other circumstances.

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