Shoprite Funeral Plans for Quick Payouts When You Need Them!

Shoprite knows perfectly well just how important your family’s well-being is, especially after you have passed away.  And they know you want and need a quick payout. And how will they cope when you are gone? This is precisely why Shoprite has come up with very affordable and very flexible life cover. There are insurance cover packages to suit you and your lifestyle. Among these are Shoprite funeral plans underwritten by Old Mutual and Sanlam.

You will be very happy with the Old Mutual Pay-when-you-can Family Funeral Plan. This is very cost effective funeral cover, allowing you to plan ahead without the worry of huge financial payments going off your salary each month.

Some unique and wonderful benefits of Shoprite funeral plans that will give you and your family peace and mind are:

●   You pay just R49.95 as a once off payment to start on one of the Shoprite funeral Shoprite Funeral Plansplans
●   There are no monthly premiums
●   You don’t even need a bank account for this funeral plan
●   Included in the plan is family accident cover
●   There is cover for you and your spouse, and your own children who are under the age of 21
●   When the members die from non-accidental causes, there is a 2 month waiting period – this is with every registration pack you buy or a top-up
●   You can top-up at any Shoprite till and to any level of your choice – that is how simple it is.

Shoprite Funeral Plans – It’s as Easy as A-B-C

Also available at Shoprite is the Sanlam icover-3 package. This funeral cover consists of three policies – you choose the one that best suits your lifestyle and also your financial needs. You do all transactions at any of your nearest Shoprite stores, at the Money Market counters. Here are 3 very easy steps if you are interested and want to get cover as quickly as possible –

●  Find a Shoprite, Checkers Hyper or Checkers and purchase your Sanlam starter pack. Choose the one that best suits your personal requirements.
●  Register with one of the Shoprite funeral plans at the Money Market counter. You will register with the card that came provided with your starter pack. Also keep your ID book ready and money to pay for your first premium
●  Remember to pay all your future premiums at the Money Market counters from the Shoprite or Checkers of your choice

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Shoprite Funeral Plans – Don’t be Sorry

Another Shoprite funeral plan is the Union Life Funeral Policy package. This one will look after your family when you have passed away. What is great is that you do not have to take an HIV test if you are HIV positive and you don’t have to answer any medical questions. Cash pay-outs become available in as short a time as 48 hours.

The Union Life Funeral Policy is available in two options, so look out for the one that suits you and your financial needs the best. R25 a month will get you R5000 cover while R47 and up will get you R10000 cover. Read the instructions carefully.

Shoprite Funeral Plans – Why Wait?

Shoprite has made it very easy for you to feel secure with peace of mind about life after death for your family members – don’t delay. Choose from one of the Shoprite funeral plans and you won’t be sorry.

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All info was correct at time of publishing