Funeral Insurance Benefits for Your Family When You’re Gone

Having a funeral plan for yourself or funeral cover for parents will certainly give you great peace-of-mind. Because you will know that your loved ones will have a burial service filled with dignity and respect. And it will be paid for by funeral insurance benefits. Funeral cover for you or funeral cover for parents comes with plenty of value added funeral insurance benefits. These benefits ensure that you and your family get through the day to day challenges. And that’s even while you are still alive!

You can take out funeral cover for your parents. Also you can cover other members of your family such as parents-in-law, siblings, aunts and uncles. Just sign up for the Standard Bank funeral insurance benefits plan.

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Funeral Insurance BenefitsFuneral Insurance Benefits – Choose a Plan that Fits Your Budget

      • If you are under the age of 65, you are eligible to take out Standard Bank funeral insurance benefits. A great benefit is that even funeral cover for parents won’t require a medical examination to join. You also have the option of opting for a plan that fits your budget and depends on your needs. The Standard Bank premiums start from as little as R39 a month. Benefits will amount to up to R50 000, all to suit your specific needs.Some people wonder if the funeral cover for parents from Standard Bank requires having a Standard Bank account, but this isn’t so. Anybody can apply for a Standard Bank funeral plan, and by calling 0860121151, you can find out everything you need to know. Once you have called them for their funeral plan, you’ll discover some amazing benefits that aren’t even linked to planning a funeral.


Some Non-Funeral Benefits

        • You get up to R50 000 in funeral insurance benefits for a mere sum of R39 a month
        • For your doctor’s consultation fees, you will get 20% off
        • Should you use any of the networks of optometrists, then you can save 10% on consultation costs, as well as 10% on the frames for the glasses
        • There is access to emergency ambulances that will transport you to a hospital when you are in urgent need. If you are not able to produce your medical aid for pay at that time for admission, a payment of up to R5000 will ensure your admission to hospital until you can pay back the provider or you can claim from your medical aid.
        • Each family will get up to R10 000 for their medical expenses resulting from any traumatic experiences
        • You can get up to R200 airtime vouchers after the death of the policyholder or their spouse.

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Funeral Insurance Benefits – There are Waiting Periods

Funeral cover for parents with Standard Bank funeral cover also has a waiting period. Should the covered family member pass away by accidental death, there is a waiting period of 6 months for the main insured member payout, their spouse and up to a maximum of five children. There is an 18 month waiting period for the dependent’s grocery benefit. For extended family members, the waiting period is six months and for the parents and parents-in-law, the waiting period is 12 months. If the family member has died by suicide, the waiting period for payout will be 24 months.

Funeral Insurance BenefitsFuneral Insurance Benefits – Don’t Delay

A good funeral plan like the one Standard Bank offers will ensure a dignified and meaningful send-off. Funeral cover for parents from Standard Bank as well as for yourself can save you a lot of additional stress at a time when you need calmness. You can call the number already provided and get a no-pressure quotation from them, or you can apply online.

In order to enjoy all the wonderful funeral insurance benefits of your policy, your monthly premium will be reviewed so that you do not lose out. All these benefits are accessible to you 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for 365 days of the year. With all this up for grabs, you’re never a loser.

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All info was correct at time of publishing