Sanlam iCover Funeral Plan – a Plan for All Seasons

When it comes to investing you can’t afford to be wasting any money. With Sanlam iCover what you put in financially, you get out, plus more.

When it comes to a funeral plan, this is planning something for a family member, so you want to be sure every cent counts and that you get value all the way. That’s why you should look at Sanlam iCover for peace of mind.

Do your homework and get funeral cover quotes for various plans, weigh up the pros and cons of each one and guess what you will realise?

You will realise that with the Sanlam Cover Family Funeral Plan, there is value, something worth considering. The Sanlam icover Family Funeral Plan provides cover from the commencement date and continues for life, just so long as the premiums are up to date.

If you are a loving Family man it Is Essential to Have A Funeral Plan – But not Just any Plan

Sanlam iCover Funeral Plan

It can be a relief to know that you can give anyone of your family members a decent send-off. You can give them a dignified funeral without worrying about how you will pay for the expenses.

With the Sanlam iCover Family Funeral Plan you can be sure that your loved ones have cover for accidental death as well as death from natural causes.

Who is the Beneficiary?

At the death of an insured person, the Primary Covered Person becomes the automatic beneficiary. Should the main policy holder die, the nominated beneficiary will receive the sum of money paid out. It is the main policy holder’s responsibility to nominate a beneficiary.

Planning a funeral may seem pretty straight forward, but wait when you see how expensive it turns out. Choosing a coffin, booking facilities, flowers, music, notifications, brochures – everything costs.

You may come to the terrible conclusion that you simply don’t have the money to give your loved one the funeral they deserve.

What Else does the Sanlam iCover Funeral Plan Offer You

The Sanlam icover Family Funeral Plan provides money for all those hidden or unimaginable funeral costs –

  • You and every child you have under the age of 21 have cover
  • You can add a spouse, your parents, parents-in-law as well as adult siblings over the age of 18 to your plan
  • Cover for accidental death starts from the moment you purchase it and cover for death by natural causes starts 12 months after adding an individual to the Plan
  • The beautiful thing is that EVERYTHING you need to know about the Plan is available- and purchased online – you can buy your plan with a credit card or EFT
  • Sanlam calculates premiums on the coverage you want and the ages of those you want to include
  • You do not need to undergo a medical examination

Sanlam Funeral Cover will insure you and your family for an amount up to R40 000. The costs start Sanlam iCoverfrom R30 per month.

Funeral Plans from a Trusted Provider

People investigate funeral plans from Sanlam because they are one of South Africa’s oldest and most trusted financial services companies.

People like the no-fuss insurance products which are affordable and simple to understand.

With the Sanlam icover Family Funeral Plan they have taken out all the stress and lengthy and complicated paperwork. As soon as you register and pay for one of their products, you will be covered immediately.

Don’t be caught having to fork out a fortune when a family member dies. With a little bit of preparation and a little amount to pay, you can give your loved one a send off that anyone can be proud of.

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