Choosing the Best Avbob Funeral Plan

You will find out why an AVBOB funeral plan is different when you start investigating different funeral plans at the death of a loved one.

Without a funeral plan,  family members will reprimand you if you cannot contribute to funeral costs because you don’t have the money.

More South Africans are looking at and taking advantage of AVBOB’s broad range of affordable funeral plans.

They love the idea of benefits such as AVBOB giving free transportation of the deceased in South Africa. There is also the 20% payback of premiums every five years if there has been no claim and much more.

Do some research about AVBOB and discover which funeral plan suits you.

So Much for So Little

Avbob’s Family Funeral Insurance has to be the best there is.

For a monthly premium of just R37 a month, both individuals and families can benefit from a lump sum payout of up to R50 000.

It can be a relief to know, that when death occurs to a loved one, you don’t have to run around like a chicken without a head.

You can contact your local AVBOB representative so they can make arrangements for the removal of your loved one.

The law requires that deaths be registered, but this is the last thing you will want to do. The best funeral plan from AVBOB means that they assist you with this aspect.

We treat you like a family member that’s why AVBOB is different –

Belonging to AVBOB is like belonging to a family, and they like to spoil their members from time to time.

Over the past few years, they have declared R4,6 billion in special bonuses as well as enhanced free funeral benefits to policyholders.

Aspects that make an AVBOB funeral plan the best

  • The policy provides cover for the entire family – extended members included.
  • The applicant and spouse can be insured for amounts between R10 000 to R30 000.
  • Parents can be covered up to R20 000.
  • Add savings from as little as R50 per month.
  • There is the Breadwinners Benefit – if the insured dies, the policy will remain in force without further premium payment.
  • Why Avbob offers the best funeral cover is that you can do all your funeral arranging from the privacy of your home instead of having to venture out.
  • If you’re not sure about something, whether you’re an individual or a group, Avbob offers client support to individuals, churches and businesses.


With AVBOB Funeral Plans everything is managed –

AVBOB just gets on with things – taking care of everything, from their quality products to the full range of services they offer. That’s why a AVBOB funeral plan is different

Their funeral plans are the best. They are a member of the National Funeral Director’s Association and adhere to the Association’s code of conduct  so you won’t find them charging unreasonable rates. Also they treat the deceased with care and respect.

Because AVBOB provides so many contact details, you’re going to get skilled consultants who can discuss and advise you on the best funeral plan for your needs.

So why are you waiting? An AVBOB funeral plan does offer unbeatable value and peace of mind. Making a wise choice with different funeral plans becomes the easiest thing to do.

Now you can see why AVBOB is different.

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