Zisekele Funeral Plan Helps to Plan the Funeral

Planning a funeral traumatic when there is no money available to start planning. By having an affordable Zisekele funeral plan in place you can make this time of anguish more bearable. At least there will be money available to bury your loved on in a dignified way. What more could you ask for really?

With a Zisekele funeral plan, you have a team behind you who want to make sure that every South African has the chance to afford decent funeral cover. The name ‘Zisekele’ means ‘we will support you,’ and this is what Zisekele does. With more than 30 Zisekele funeral plan options available, there is a plan to suit your precise needs.

The benefits you enjoy as a Zisekele funeral plan policyholder will depend on the plan chosen. There are two plans to choose from – Individual or Family Plan. If you have concerns about your Zisekele Funeral Planparents and cover for them, remember that parents, as well as other family members, can get cover under the Extended Family Plans.

Zisekele Funeral Plan – Make Sure you have the Right Documentation

People looking for funeral cover want to know that the entire process is uncomplicated. They appreciate Zisekele for some reasons, and one of these is that they offer cover for individuals and families.

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Some of the other benefits to enjoy with Zisekele include –

  • Zisekele doesn’t ask any medical questions, and they don’t require a medial examination
  • they offer immediate cover for death due to unnatural causes
  • they offer cover for all your children, whether adopted, your children or your stepchildren – and this cover is available free to kid till they are 21.
  • Zisekele settles their claims within 48 hours. When you want to make a claim to Zisekele, you will need to provide them with the following fully completed documentation. These documents include your claim form properly filled in, a certified copy of the death certificate, a certified or original copy of the claimant’s ID document as well as a police report and post mortem in the event of accidental death.


More About Zisekele Funeral Cover

Zisekele offers funeral cover between R5000 and R15 000. MacDougall Brokers operate this funeral company. They have more than 15 years of experience in the insurance industry. Zisekele Funeral PlanYou must just remember that with every funeral policy there will be limitations and exclusion in place , and benefits will only extend to- and cover the death for a member who is domiciled in the Republic of South Africa. Also, any criminal act to try and gain a pay-out means total exclusion from benefiting from a funeral policy.

Zisekele Funeral Plan – Peace of Mind just a Phone Call Away

If  like what Zisekele offers, phone them on 086188 00 00 and one of their call centre agents will assist you in finding the best cover for your needs. With no waiting period for accidental death, Zisekele covers anyone under the age of 85. It can be a wonderful relief knowing that the cost of a casket, your tombstone and catering will be paid for by Zisekele, and that certainly makes planning for a funeral a lot easier.

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