Inexpensive Funeral Plans Can Still Be Dignified

Inexpensive funeral plans need not be undignified. A funeral is after all, essentially a final act of love. It’s a chance for loved ones to say goodbye in a memorable way. To remember and honour a person’s life.

Some people even decide to plan their funerals in advance. Doing so that their loved ones don’t have to shoulder the financial and emotional burden.

If you decide on inexpensive funeral plans, it means that you get to decide the how, when and where of the funeral.

Inexpensive funeral Plans start with the Coffin

A full-package funeral can be very, very expensive. The average cost of a coffin in South Africa ranges between R5 000 and R70 000.

And then there’s the average cost of things you need for a funeral:

  • Coffin – anywhere between R700.00 – R50 000.00
  • Embalming service – R9 000.00
  • Funeral service facility and associated staff – R6 900.00
  • A hearse – R4 130.00
  • Moving the body to and fro – R3 990.00
  • Preparing the body – R3 150.00


There are also other costs to consider, such as the cemetery costs, a headstone, flower arrangements, food and drinks for after the funeral service, and obituaries.

Nowadays, most people want a simple, dignified funeral that offers the deceased respect, without creating ridiculous debt for those left behind.

Here are a few ways to plan an inexpensive funeral:

Inexpensive funeral plans

Look for bargains

Don’t go to the first funeral home you can find. Phone around and ask for prices and special packages first. In this way, you can compare the costs and choose the most cost-effective option.

Go simple

The cheapest option is to choose direct burial where the body is buried directly after the death, without embalming it or having a viewing. You will still have to pay the funeral home, the coffin and the cemetery plot, however.

Choose a plain coffin

The type of casket you choose determines the price you pay. A simple wooden coffin will cost you much less than a metal one. Similarly, there are other “green” options, such as bamboo or cardboard. In the end, all coffins do the same job.

Go green

Choosing a natural, biodegradable coffin is not only cheaper but protects the environment for the next generation too. Also, a “green” burial typically doesn’t include the use of toxic embalming chemicals.

A do-it-yourself Funeral

Instead of paying to have a memorial service at a venue, own you can save costs by having it at home. You can also save by printing programs and photographs.

It may seem daunting, but you can also do your own flowers for the funeral. Purchasing the flowers from a florist and arranging them yourself will make a big difference, but going to a flower market to buy the flowers will be the cheapest option.

Finding cost-effective solutions for a funeral is important, but so is your mental health. Remember, it will be a very difficult time, emotionally, so be aware of your limits and do what you can to save costs, but allow yourself the time to grieve too.

Get friends and family to help.

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