Hollard Funeral Policy Makes Bereavement Easier

Unfortunately, the harsh reality is that whether you like it or not, death requires some consideration and some planning. It is something none of us can avoid, and it is certainly not only for the sick and the aged. When death comes, you want the best Hollard funeral policy there is, because, without it, you’re in for further shocks. A Hollard funeral plan might be the answer.

Certainly, by being ready for death, you can soften the blow when it reaches for one of your own. There are funeral groups such as The Hollard Insurance Group who have tried to make death easier. Hollard is South Africa’s largest private insurance group. The business started in 1980, so they have had decades of experience in providing the best funeral cover there is.

Hollard Funeral Policy –  Complex Death Certificates and Documents Dealt with

Hollard offers a range of tailor-made funeral benefits. They work with individuals, churches, retailers, undertakers, companies, burial societies, and other funeral plan groups. The company has done intensive research intHollard Funeral Policyo existing funeral products. So they can offer the best funeral cover there is. Not only that but they have done extensive research also to discover what customers want from a Hollard funeral policy.

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Apart from offering the best funeral cover, Hollard also offers other value-added benefits. These include body relocation, accidental death as well as legal assistance. This is a huge perk. That’s because there are several certificates and documents to complete and sign. And where to hand them in can be mind-boggling. That adds to your stress and anguish. Some other services include –

  • airtime for all those phone calls to inform family and friends of the death
  • vehicle access, electricity vouchers and local butcher and grocery benefits all go towards easing a difficult period. This can be very useful when you have guests staying over wanting to attend the funeral
  • Hollard doesn’t dilly dally – they give you immediate financial help. The company pays within 48 hours of the death of a loved one.


Hollard Funeral Policy – There’s More

With a Hollard funeral policy, you don’t need a medical examination.

The best funeral cover from Hollard ranges from R10,000 to R50,000. And their Family Funeral Benefit provides cover for as many as five children for up to R20,000. The best funeral cover never leaves anyone out. So you can extend the cover can to another five children. However, in this instance, there will be a separate premium for each additional child.

Hollard Funeral PolicyThey also offer a Memorial Benefit (Unveiling Ceremony Expenses). The benefit pays out as much as R10,000 one year after your death or your partner’s death. That is useful for assisting your family with the expenses of the unveiling ceremony. The payout amount will depend on the option and cover level chosen.

Hollard Funeral Policy – It’s Easy Getting Cover

Acceptance of the Hollard funeral policy is guaranteed. But only if you are a South African citizen between the ages of 18 and 75. With so much help and support, shouldn’t you take precautions against a sudden death throwing you into financial turmoil? Just a phone call away, the best funeral cover comes from Hollard.  And you can call them on (011) 351 5000 or fill out their online form. So contact them. They are waiting to share their funeral expertise with you.

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All info was correct at time of publishing