One Life Funeral Cover

Everyone is complaining about how the money they earn just seems to slip right through their fingers. Without a funeral plan, when you die there is one last attempt to extract all your remaining funds. Consider that very basic One Life funeral cover can cost about R50 a month. However, a funeral can cost anywhere between R10,000 and more. So it makes sense to investigate affordable funeral cover.

One Life Funeral Cover- You get More than just Funeral Cover

Of course, the premiums you pay for One Life funeral cover will be dependent on the level of cover you require, but to give you an idea, for paying R100 a month you can expect cover in the region of about R50,000. A funeral plan such as One Life eases the terrible financial burden you could find yourself in without a funeral plan in place. With a funeral plan One Life Funeral Coverlike One Life in place, the beneficiary will receive a large lump sum payment.

The benefit of a funeral plan such as much sought after One Life funeral cover is that you get more from them than funeral cover – you get help with other aspects and expenses that crop up when you are planning a funeral.

One Life Funeral Cover – There is No Reason for Dread

At One Life they know that the only way to change your dreaded funeral expense scenario is to be prepared. They believe that One Life funeral cover has the power to change your life and to quickly get you back on your feet again. All the products of One Life are just a telephone call away, and as one of the leading providers of life insurance in South Africa, they offer their customers –

  • between R5 000 and R100 000 cover for each member
  • no waiting for payment – claims are paid within 24 hours with all the right documentation correctly filled in – remember that when you make a claim, if you aren’t sure of what to do with a claim, you will be assigned a dedicated claims consultant who will guide you through the process and help with all queries you might have.


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The documents you will need, correctly filled in and submitted will be –

  1. a completed claim form
  2. a certified copy of ID
  3. the death certificate of the deceased
  4. medical reports – these will depend on the nature of the claim
  5. a burial repatriation service to the value of R2,000 from anywhere in South Africa

One Life Funeral Cover BenefitsHere are some important features:

  • for the first 24 months, there will be NO premium increases
  • you can include up to 5 children and ten family members for each policy
  • a R5000 memorial benefit to assist with buying a headstone and R6000 grocery benefit
  • Premium waiver. When the primary member dies, the cover stays as is for the remaining members on the policy. That remains in place for another two years.


One Life Funeral Cover – A Funeral Plan You Can Afford

One Life also offers their clients what is known as a financial needs analysis. That ensures that they are always spending their money well.  And they are buying the right cover based on their individual circumstances and what they can afford.

Living in South Africa is full of uncertainties, and funeral policies are imperative if you want to ensure that you will have the funds to have a dignified funeral that won’t break you financially.

One Life doesn’t want you to stress about where you’re going to find the money to provide a decent funeral for a family member, and they invite you to call them on 0860 1053 40.

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