Humanist Funerals Make This One Life to Live the Best One

According to the British Humanist Association, humanists form part of the 25% of the population who are non-religious. Many people don’t call themselves humanists, but their very beliefs and values show that they are. Humanist funerals are taking place without people even knowing they fall into that category!

Humanism is a naturalistic, secular philosophy of life. And individuals who claim to be humanists try to adhere to human values of respect, compassion, and care. They tend to look to nature for the explanation of life rather than to a God.

Humanists believe they have one life to live. And they believe they have a responsibility to themselves and to others to make life better for every human being.

Humanist Funerals – Reflecting the Character of the Deceased

Humanist funerals like atheist funerals are a celebration of life. The humanist funeral service is secular in nature and non-denominational in content, and humanist funerals Humanist Funeralscan take place anywhere. No two individuals are alike, so a Humanist Celebration of Life funeral will be unique. They reflect the character and personality of the person. Humanist funerals focus on the person who has died. The mourners pay tribute to the person’s life and the positive impact he or she had on other people.

The British Humanist Association is sensitive to the experience of bereavement, and they know the ins and outs of cremations and burials. Their aim is to sensitively guide people through the whole process of arranging humanist funerals. They will –

●   meet with the family to learn more about the person who has died so that the funeral will represent the very personality of the person who has passed on
●   plan a unique ceremony that fits the person who has died
●   advise on practical matters around a ceremony and liaise with those who will be at the ceremony
●   take note of any ideas on music perhaps or certain readings

Humanist Funerals – Add in Your Thoughts about the Deceased

The service of humanist funerals focuses almost entirely on the life of the person – the way in which they led that life. The officiant at a humanist funeral may do all the talking for the family. They can, in fact, end up being the Master of Ceremonies from the start of the service to the after-party. The speaker will recall anecdotes and add in some humour, and anyone who feels like adding in something of interest will do so at a particular time in the ceremony.

There will be no prayers spoken out loud or any hymns sung. Humanists appreciate honesty and they feel that if they don’t believe in a God, then they don’t want any pretense with having a religious funeral. Of course, there are those who want to have a bit of a mix of humanism and religion thrown in, and this type of funeral is known as the Modern British Funeral.

Humanist Funerals – Make Your Humanist Funeral Wishes Known

If you want a primarily atheist or humanist funeral, most funeral directors know secular officiants and are happy to give first-hand recommendations for you. And if you are a humanist who wants to ensure funeral arrangements for yourself or your family members are based on humanist ideas, then leave clear instructions so that your family knows about your funeral wishes.

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