Green Burial is Environmentally Friendly

We’ve been abusing the planet for centuries, and wherever you go, you see how people have left their mark. Certainly, there has been so-called human progress, but at what expense? When you consider, our soils and our atmosphere are full of aluminum and other toxic substances for centuries. That’s why the green burial movement has arisen.

People in the funeral industry who are starting to realise that there are shortcomings. They have introduced green funerals now. That’s because traditional cremations and burials have been putting harmful substances into the air and the ground. Even cremations, which are less damaging, use large quantities of fossil fuels, contributing to global carbon emissions.

Green FuneralGreen Burial – The Serious Issue of Dealing with the Dead

Cemeteries in the world’s cities are quickly filling up. And those fortunate to own land in the country can count themselves lucky that they have their own historical family graveyards. Other people have opted for burial at sea in a  bio-degradable coffin. Freeze-drying corpses is a process under development.  The body freezes in liquid nitrogen then breaks up into tiny fragments through vibration. This is called promession.

The process removes any metal in the body and the freeze-dried particles, which are organic, pose no threat to the environment. In Australia, they are looking at a process known as aquamation, where alkaline hydrolysis dissolves the soft tissues of the body. The bones are crushed and buried with very little impact to the environment.

Green Burial – Reducing Pollution

Certainly green burials a means of reducing pollution, but unfortunately there are still social issues with many people. Many people don’t like change. They want the entire burial and cremation scene to remain as they have always known it. With green burials, however, cemeteries are far more natural, with native plants and don’t appear like traditional cemeteries.

The beauty about green burials is that they are often cheaper than traditional funerals and this may then result in a loss of profit, which funeral directors won’t like. Some people also think that ‘green’ burials mean cheap, and that they won’t be honourable for the dead. However, green burials with shrouds and biodegradable caskets offer opportunities that will guarantee everyone has a decent send off. Certainly ‘green’ funerals are becoming a funeral choice. They represent a possible solution to the pollution problems, but the public still needs to learn about them to increase their utilisation around the world.

Green Burial – We NEED an Unpolluted Natural World – Our Wellbeing Relies on It

The appeal of green burials is gaining attention as people are starting to appreciate the simplicity of them. You’ll find more organizational bodies emerging who support green burial practices. Burial Pods by a pair of Italian designers is receiving a lot of attention where the dead are in seed-like containers which are used to fertilize the growth of a tree instead of a tombstone. Cemeteries will then become ‘sacred forests’ or memorial gardens which families can walk through.

Many people are looking for a greener way to go than the traditional funeral because they are realizing that the natural world is critical to our survival and to our wellbeing. Green burials are just one way of stopping the pollution to the natural world that traditional burials and cremations have so greatly contributed to.

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