How to Make Your Funeral Wishes Known

Make your funeral wishes well known to all your loved ones. Ensuring that they don’t only appear in your Will. That is because people migh see your Will long after your burial. You want a more immediate wish list. These wishes often apply to the distribution of assets. But they also need to apply to the ceremonial side, such as funeral wishes.

More and more people are thinking carefully about death and the different ways they can make it more ‘pleasant’ and easy to process for those left behind. Making different funeral wishes known well ahead of time will let everyone know what to do around the time of your death.

Funeral WishesFuneral Wishes – A Funeral Wish List Eliminates Decisions and Funeral Costs

Whatever you decide, make sure your family knows where to find the information. How¬†you have your funeral is entirely up to you. Many people’s funeral wishes depend on religious and cultural affiliations. To make matters easier, remember you can always contact a qualified estate planning attorney to help you with ensuring those left behind honour your funeral wishes. This process is otherwise known as drawing up a living will.

      • When writing down your funeral plans, take into account some of these aspects –


      • the details of your ceremony
      • whether you want flowers or whether you’d prefer that guests donate money to a charity instead of flowers
      • the type of containers you want to be cremated in or buried in
      • whether you opt for embalming
      • whether you wish to have a ‘green’ funeral and whether you want a tombstone
      • the venue where you wish your funeral to take place


Tips to Ensure Your Wishes Are Known

Funeral WishesBelow is a list of tips to ensure that your funeral wishes are known to your loved ones –

      • don’t make your Will the only place where you write down your funeral wishes
      • go online – because everyone is online these days, it makes sense to document your funeral wishes here. Not only that, if you look at websites such as My Last Song or Parting Wishes, for instance, you can even create some messages that are emailed to your loved ones after you die
      • if you really don’t fancy the idea of writing down your funeral wishes, at least make your funeral wishes known verbally to your loved ones. Many times a verbal conversation can convey a better picture of what you want than a written request.

If you’re still a bit uncertain as to what selections you want to make for your funeral, you can always visit a funeral home of your choice and discuss with the funeral director funeral planning and get an idea of what they offer and their prices.

Funeral Wishes – A Large Burden Removed from Your Family

Taking an active role in your funeral arrangements is the first step to helping your family through a difficult period in their lives. You’ll certainly be relieving your family of a significant burden during their grief. If you don’t make provision for your funeral, you can be sure your family will be paying top prices for your funeral which is a shame, as this is what happens when a funeral has to be planned quickly and with no guidance or direction.

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