Differentlife Gives the Security You Need from Life Insurance

Often things go wrong in our life and when that does happen; you want to know that you and your family will be able to weather the storm financially. Insurance companies are aware of this. And that is why they have the cover that that will protect your family when you are no longer there.

Differentlife offers life insurance, critical illness cover, loss of job cover and many more. What these all offer is security and peace of mind.

Life cover is something that most of us need. If you die, the insurer will pay amount to the beneficiaries.

They are beneficiaries. They are the people you choose to benefit. And with life cover in place you will know they can meet all their financial commitments.

Your beneficiaries can use the money for many things. DifferentlifeThis will include settling of personal and family debts, school fees if there are children, outstanding medical bills and much more. It will be able to provide an income from the investments for the dependent’s education and other living costs.

Differentlife – Make a Difference

Differentlife is a registered financial services provider that offers life insurance and you should contact them for excellent life cover. In fact, depending on your income, you can qualify for life cover between R100 000 and R10 million. They will also be able to assist you with other benefits too such as their Accelerated Funeral plan. This can assist a family with all those pressing and immediate financial burdens that impact a family when the breadwinner is gone. The Accelerated Funeral add-on is able to advance a certain portion of your life cover and pay it out to your beneficiaries.

Those family members will be able to use the money to deal with the funeral costs and other unforeseeable costs that might suddenly arise should you pass away. This add-on cover depends on the life cover amount up to R50 000. The insurer will pay out the remaining part of your life cover after all the normal claims investigations are complete.

Differentlife – Become Partners with a Reliable Insurer

Underwritten by Old Mutual, Different Life means you are buying your insurance from an established and trusted name. You become partners with a reliable and stable insurer, a group you can rely on. With Differentlife, as with many insurance companies, your life cover will not include cover for a suicide.

There will also be certain specific exclusions that you will find out about when you decide to buy a life policy. These conditions will be based on your type of health and lifestyle. So apply today and see the difference that Differentlife can make. Every year that your life is insured with Differentlife, you are able to donate a premium of yours to a worthy cause that you believe in. Call them today and make a difference that counts.

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