What to Do With the Ashes of Your Love One

¬†Cremation is becoming more popular than burials in the 21st century. That’s because finding a final resting place for a coffin in an over-populated world is difficult. Many people want to keep the ashes of their loved ones. It is interesting knowing what all people do with the ashes. The ashes of the deceased are mostly mineral. And while many people keep them as a treasured reminder of the person they loved, many more people scatter them. That has, however, sparked concern with different countries and today there are laws about where human ashes are scattered. Here are some suggestions about what to do with the ashes.

What To Do with the Ashes – Ashes Released into Nature

Certainly, the sea has become a popular place to scatter ashes. There are laws What to Do With the Ashesabout how far boats and plane must be from shore before ashes are scattered. But many states turn a blind eye to where people are scattering ashes. They spend their energy and time curbing polluters like oil tankers.

Scattering of ashes is permitted in national parks such as the Grand Canyon with the chief park ranger’s permission.

Let’s look at some of the strange things people have done with the ashes of their loved ones.

Weird Things People Have Done With Ashes

  • Many people choose to bury the cremated remains somewhere. The advantage of this is that urn burial sites are accessible for people to visit anytime. That arose from a need by the bereaved about what to do with the ashes of their loved ones.
  • Other people choose a columbarium – buildings which have been specifically set aside to house the urns that contain the cremated remains.


Strange Things

  • A very popular choice these days is a ‘memorial tree urn’ where a beautiful tree such as an Oak, Cedar, Maple or Willow is planted over the ashes of the loved one.
  • Other people who love nature and feel that humans have done plenty to damage it want to do something in keeping with nature and they request certain service providers such as Eternal Reef if they can have their ashes included in the cement mix that contributes to the forms they make and which the coral will grow on.

Other service providers such as ‘Memorial Ashes’ will use your ashes mixed into the paint they use to paint a portrait of you. ¬†Another very cool idea is that some of the ashes of your beloved pet or mom or dad, for instance, can mixed with the tattoo ink and have it applied to your body so that something of your beloved remains with Human Ashes Turned Into Fireworksyou forever.

More Weird Stuff

  • To turn death into a more cheerful affair, some people arrange to turn the remains of their dead relatives into a fireworks show. They get comfort from seeing their loved ones blasted into space, lighting up the sky and then quietly dying away. Some people have the ashes placed inside a helium balloon which they release into the atmosphere. At a certain height, the balloon pops and the ashes are scattered this way.
  • Imagine seeing your ‘loved one’ slipping backward and forwards in an hourglass as you keep time for your boiled egg. Having your remains inserted into an hourglass is just one of the many options people consider. (Not exactly what to do with the ashes of a loved one in my humble opinion. ed.)

There are so many options for what to do with the ashes today and when the cremated remains are handed over to you in a temporary container, it’s up to you to decide if you’re going to keep the deceased boxed up or release their remains to the winds.

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