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Burial Cover Quotes – Rewards of Having Funeral Cover

  • Be sure that you and all your loved ones can be assured of getting a dignified send-off. And peace of mind is priceless.
  • Never get embarrassed by expensive funeral bills when someone dies unexpectedly. (Remember that funeral cover is for everyone in the family, young and old).
  • Trauma and HIV/Aids counselling.
  • Repatriation of the body if the deceased dies outside South Africa.
  • Benefit from the additional cover offered by the best funeral plan companies in South Africa. Burial Cover QuotesThese include car hire, a grocery allowance and 48-hour payout after your claim.



Burial Cover Quotes – How It Works

By completing and submitting the form above this article, you will immediately be assigned to a consultant who will take your enquiry further. So you can expect immediate cell phone and email contact with a burial cover quotes professional.

Burial Cover Quotes – The Most Affordable Insurance Around

When you get burial cover quotes, you will find that funeral plans are extremely affordable. For the price of a hamburger, you can get monthly funeral cover for the whole family.

When you think how expensive funerals can be with the coffin alone costing anything from R3000 to R10 000, it is hard to see how any South African family can do without funeral cover.

More Expenses

Some of the other expenses involved in funerals include

Make getting burial cover quotes the top of your list for must have insurance for the whole family. Just complete and send the form above to get burial cover quotes right now!

Funeral cover quotes for South Africans are now available online here

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