Hollard Burial Cover Helps Cover Funeral Expenses

Elderly people like to reminisce about the past. Sometimes they express regret that they never took out a funeral policy from a reputable firm like Hollard. Old and close to passing away, they have to answer questions about the plans they have made for their funerals.

Family members, especially those battling to make ends meet, can’t hide their bitterness. Where will they find the money to bury their family? With so many affordable funeral plans offered in South Africa, nobody needs to be without a good plan.

There is a particular advantage to choosing a funeral plan from Hollard. They guarantee acceptance to all South African citizens who are between 18 and 75 years old. As an authorised financial services provider, as well as being a member of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) Hollard Burial CoverHollard Funeral Cover is all about offering South Africans affordable funeral plans. They are South Africa’s largest privately-owned insurance group, offering insurance solutions to more than 6 million policy holders.

Hollard also has an impressive track record in innovation for product development, so it is worth looking at what kind of funeral plans they offer South Africans.

Hollard Offers a Broad range of Affordable Insurance Products

They provide a broad range of specialist insurance products, and there is always something that will suit your specific needs. The Hollard team known how stressful death can be and their mission is to ease the pressure at this time. Hollard Funeral Cover will protect you and your family, because within 48 hours, and with the right documentation, they will pay out a lump sum.

Funeral Cover Range from Hollard

Their funeral cover ranges from R10,000 to R50,000 and there is also optional cover for parents, a partner and children. A benefit with Hollard funeral cover is that upon receipt of your first premium, you enjoy instant accidental death benefit. People are inclined to fret about ill health and they worry that this will prevent them from being able to apply for a funeral plan. With Hollard there is no medical examination and your cover keeps up with the rising costs of funerals by increasing your cover by 6% and your premium by 10% .

Hollards has funeral plans which protect your entire family. The Family Funeral Benefit provides cover for as many as 5 children for up to R20,000. You can extend your cover for an additional 5 children, for an extra premium and parents and partner’s parents who are under the age of 75 are also covered. You can add your parents to your policy at any time you like even after several years have passed since you took out the policy.

Hollard has a Funeral Plan that Delivers

With the Monthly Provider, an extra benefit that pays out up to R2000 per month if the insured person passes away as well as a Memorial Benefit, a Life Cover Benefit, a Vehicle Access- and Personal Accident Benefit as well as a Daily Hospital Benefit, with Hollard Funeral Cover you get a full bag of benefits, and when you put in a claim they will keep you posted on the status of your claim. The Hollard Funeral Plan can simply be described as the ‘Plan that Delivers.’

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