How Much a Funeral Costs in South Africa

Having funeral cover is a necessity. It simply means you will receive a dignified funeral without  your family members incurring massive funeral costs.

When planning a funeral, possibly the most important and expensive item will be the casket. In South Africa you don’t need to buy an expensive coffin from an undertaker. That is because you can buy one directly from the manufacturer. These cost anything between R500 to R6 000 and you will have options about how you want it to look.

Funeral Costs – Everyone has Different Funeral Ideas

The truth is, with funeral costs in South Africa, you can’t just say a funeral will cost so and so. This is because South Africa is a rainbow nation. So everyone has a different idea as to what a funeral will cost.

High Funeral Costs in South AfricaThere are many super wealthy people who want to honour the life of a loved one in a simple no-fuss way. They simply want a decent coffin and a modest, dignified funeral. Unfortunately there are many South Africans who want to impress and then these ‘social’ funerals can cost anything between R50 000 and R150 000 and more.

Funeral Costs – The Price of Cattle and Entertainment

Slaughtered cattle feed an entire communit.¬† People hire huge tents and music bands and buy expensive clothing. They’re all the poorer when the funeral is over and everyone gone. There are other people who really can’t afford a traditional-type funeral but they feel obligated to provide it, succumbing to pressure and having to contend with a mountain of debt when the dust has settled.

According to Sanlam, you can get a relatively cheap funeral for R6 000. When you do research you can find a host of ideas of how to have a decent, affordable funeral. These affordable funerals won’t appeal to those South Africans who have a culture where the success of a funeral depends the size and quality of the casket, the size of the tent and the food.

Funeral Costs – Transformation in Funeral Industry Required

Small wonder that Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma hosted a funeral indaba in Durban where she requested radical economic transformation in the funeral industry where the idea is be able to plan a funeral without being poorer for it afterwards.

People need to be educated, to have their mindsets changed about funerals and their costs. Forget about impressing people, because when the funeral is over, nobody will be impressed with you when they see you battling to put food on the table.

Funeral Costs – Save with Funeral Cover

Take out funeral cover if possible. There are some seriously affordable policies which start in the region of R25 a month. In fact funeral insurance is one of the simplest forms of insurance on the market and you can buy funeral cover from just about anywhere.

All you have to make sure of is that the company underwriting the policies is reputable. Some South Africans buy funeral cover when they actually want life cover. Do research because now insurers are also starting to combine life and funeral cover polices.

Funeral Costs – Plenty of Exposure to Affordable Funerals

Insurance solutions are made that much easier and available to us via mobile apps and SMS services, so there is plenty of exposure to a wide range of funeral insurance products for all South Africans with every kind of budget.

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All info was correct at time of publishing