How to Choose a Funeral Plan

Funerals can be dreadfully expensive. Many people fear that their children will be bitter towards them for having to pay for a funeral. Solve this problem by taking out a funeral plan. Then you can relieve your family of the financial task of a funeral. But how to choose a funeral plan is the question.

It makes sense to review the different funeral plans available and to choose a plan which your family will appreciate. There is no need to stress about that. Because there are so many funeral plans in South Africa. Most of them are truly affordable. With these plans, you can either opt to pay monthly instalments. Or you can pay a lump sum to the plan provider.

How to Choose a Funeral Plan – Go to a Reputable Provider

The purpose of these funeral plans is for the funds to provide the funeral you have paid for. We all have our special ideas of how we want to be buried or cremated, so it is important to determine your needs. Are you looking for protection just for yourself or for your entire family? Do you just simply want a cash pay-out or are you looking for additional benefits thrown in? Some funeral plans allow you to include additional family, members. One of these is Assupol, which allow you to cover up to 4 parents and six extended family members. This means you are even able to add in aunts and uncles.

There are different kinds of funeral plans that will pay the costs associated with your funeral. What do you need? For instance, you get funeral plans where not only are the costs of a funeral covered but they will also cover those additional expenses such as legal costs and outstanding medical bills.

How to Choose a Funeral Plan –  Some of Your Premiums Back in Cash

With the Assupol funeral plan, you get cash as well as funeral arrangements. This means that you get the cash payout, but that AVBOB will go one step further and arrange the funeral for you. Providers such as AVBOB also offer you some of your premiums back in cash. Not all funeral plans have this option, but it is useful because you usually get about one years’ premiums back every five years of paying. The beauty about this money is that it can be used for anything.

It is important with a funeral plan to know how much cover you need. When you do your research into how to choose a funeral plan, you will see that most funeral plan providers offer in the region of R5000 to R50 000. A basic funeral these days can cost in the region of R10 000 to R15 000, but for people who insist on lots of extras, it can go far beyond R50 000. In some cultures, funerals are a time for partying and celebrating, and then the expenses can pile on.

It is imperative to research your funeral plan options and understand how much cover you need. When you contact a reliable funeral plan provider such as AVBOB, you get friendly and skilled consultants who will advise you on the best policy for your needs.

How to Choose a Funeral Plan – Policyholder Benefits

An Assupol policyholder who uses Assupol’s burial service will receive some free benefits subject to certain terms and conditions such as –

  • Free transportation of the deceased so long as it is in South Africa
  • A free basic funeral

How to Choose a Funeral Plan – Choose Unbeatable Value

With more than 90 years of experience, you can trust Assupol for being trustworthy. Claims are settled within 48 hours and hey have a useful cash-back funeral plan where you stand to get about one years’ premiums back every five years of paying. With such a good funeral plan up for grabs, which offers unbeatable value, having to make a choice between the different plans simply becomes a breeze. That’s how to choose a funeral plan in a nutshell.

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