Parents’ Funeral Policy

The death of a loved one is always traumatic, especially when it comes to burying your children or your parents. These are your very own flesh and blood. When death comes, the last thing we feel like is having to deal with all the decisions and responsibilities that accompany making funeral arrangements, but part of caring for parents includes discussing their wishes regarding funeral arrangements and services. That’s when you need a parents’ funeral policy.

Parents’ Funeral Policy – Think of all of the Costs associated with Death

It is reassuring to know that there are parents’ funeral plan providers like Clientele and Edgars who help you simply get on with making all those necessary arrangements. They understand that planning a funeral for someone in your extended family such as your parents-in-law can be costly.

Parents' Funeral PolicyUsually, planning a funeral would be the responsibility of the deceased’s spouse, but they may have already passed on. For a small additional premium, an optional add-on such as a parent’s funeral benefit means you can extend your funeral cover to include your parents and parents-in-laws. If any of them were to pass away, you would be able to cover the costs of their funeral through your policy and eliminate incurring debt.

The benefit of Clientele and Edgars Funeral Plans is that no medical exams are required, and the application process is quick and straightforward.

Parents’ Funeral Policy – For R99pm, 13 Family Members are Covered

Clientèle is a diversified financial services group – one of South Africa’s leading direct distributors of financial service products, providing convenient and easy to understand financial services products to the public. They believe that your family should never have to worry about money for a funeral. They offer their Funeral Dignity Plan and their Ultimate Dignity Plan, and these parents’ funeral policy plans each pays out in just 24 hours.

For as little as R99 a month you’ll get over R110 000 family cover, and this cover is for as many as 13 people – all your family have cover including your parents. Other benefits include useful things such as –

●   R200 free airtime
●   a grocery and unveiling benefit
●   a 24-hour helpline
●   repatriation of the body
●  discounted rates with different funeral suppliers.

With Clientèle Ultimate Dignity Plan, at R120 per month, you get out up to R50,000 cover for an individual and up to R250,000 family cover. You get all the benefits of the Funeral Dignity Plan plus even more benefits.

With the Edgars funeral plan, underwritten by Hollard Life Assurance Company Limited, you get four options –

Parents’ Funeral Policy – cover for up to 4 parents in the event of death. The payout is 5,000 per parent, including your parents and your partner’s parents. Their other plans are their Personal Funeral Plan, the Family Funeral Plan and the Family Provider Plan. Hollard won’t be liable to make any payment unless you provide all the applicable documentation. This includes medical evidence and satisfactory proof of a claim, as required by Hollard.

Parents’ Funeral Policy – Protect Yourself and Parents from Cost of Death

Funeral cover is the best way to make sure that you and your parents have protection from the cost of dying. Getting a funeral plan in place for parents is a conversation no child wants to have. But it is a must-have if you care about your ageing parents and parents-in-law.

No-one can say when death will call for you, but you want to avoid financial strain. Do your research and read reviews so that you have a better understanding of each insurer and the different parents’ funeral policy plans and costs involved with each. This way your loved ones are catered for when death calls unexpectedly.

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